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Wireless Clocks and their 3 Utilities for Facility Managers

It is generally the tough part for a facility manager to manage the whole architecture seamlessly and flawlessly and time definitely makes a huge problem – no, not being philosophical about it. In a true sense, managing the entire facility is no joke and there are lots of responsibilities on one’s shoulder and I am definitely not being casual about it. There are millions of tasks involved, like record keeping, educating staff on proper use of equipment and making sure that every system is operating optimally and right on time.

wireless clocks

Possibly the only thing that makes a facilities manager’s job easier is having a wireless clock system. I shall tell you why I am vouching for it. Let me tell you about one of my experiences – wireless clocks are boons in disguise:

Daylight Saving Time

This one managed to give me a good scare and that is relief #1 for a facilities manager. Imagine trying to run around fixing each and every single clock in the area. You need to be an athlete or have a scooter trying to set them all right together and believe me it is too frustrating. Having a wireless clocks system made things easy and quick. The master clock took care of all the timings. When there occurred a change in time, the transmitter sent out the new time to all slave clocks so that they needn’€™t be adjusted manually. It was one big time saver as all slave clocks will actually reset automatically as soon as the master clock is adjusted to the new timing.

Power Problems

This one used to get on my nerves a lot -€“ mark you. And it can happen at any given time of the day or night. The moment power goes off, all the clocks go haywire showing a different time and it really takes 12 -€“ 24 hours to set them back on to their right time. The facilities manager receives numerous complaints from all across the place on how the clocks are going wrong and be on nerve test on when they will tell the right time again. Thank God we do have wireless clocks. One of the main advantages is that battery clocks continue to run in the absence of physical power meaning they do not deviate from the actual time. Even if they do go off, luckily master clocks will set them in the next cycle. This is how all complaints can be handled in one go and building personnel can be kept on track on their day’s job.


There are so many things to be done and having a wireless clock system only makes things easier. All that needs to be done is power the master clock and put batteries in it. No setup, hassles, wires or any such little time consuming thing. You just do your part of the job and the wireless clocks do their part of the job. Interesting!

James Turner has worked as a facilities manager and has experience of being in the thick of all problems faced by a facilities manager. He has got over more than five years of experience as a senior and is now guiding young teams.

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Donna Spencer is a freelance writer and blogger. She would love to write an articles for different category.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Prakash

    October 4, 2013 at 11:51 am

    Wireless clocks and their 3 utilities really very nice post. I think wireless clocks are somehow make our life easier.

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