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WiMAX – Your Highway To Ultra Fast Internet World

In this modern age, when high speed Internet is not just a facility in life, but a necessity to survive in life. More and more technologies are emerging on the surface to provide Internet users with better solutions that are reliable, fast and secure. Same goes with Internet Connections. Large ISPs are coming up with new technologies every now and again to ensure they are one step above their competitors at all times. And as a result end-users are able to enjoy cutting-edge technology for fast Internet. One such technology is WiMAX, which has taken the world with a storm with the blazing speed that it provides to any Internet connection.


WiMAX has made it possible for the regular Internet user to do tasks that were not possible in Cable or Dial-up connections. Users are able to download and upload huge files with great speed and have voice conversation with their friends and family residing in the other corner of the world without any hindrance. Users have also been able to watch videos, movies and listen to tracks online without any buffering time since the advent of this latest Internet phenomenon.

A single WiMAX station can provide ultra-fast Internet connection to hundreds of devices in any given area, through its high capacity transmitters. However, WiMAX is not all about speed, but it also provides the best network security features known till date. This makes it a perfect choice for many, especially large corporations, for whom speed and security of data is of huge importance. Furthermore, WiMAX is considered as very elastic in nature. It offers great authority and reliability to users while they are communicating on the Web. WiMAX works well in highly populated areas as well, because of its signal’s strength even over long distances.

Not just wireless ISPs but many cable operators and local Internet Providers also use WiMAX service to back their network. WiMAX has the ability to cater all the needs of both Wireless and Wired networks with utmost security.

Due to the fact that WiMAX can serve many clients with only one station, the overall maintenance cost and time of recovery is very short if something goes wrong in the station. This eventually results in very little to no interruption of service for customers. These features make WiMAX as one of the most effective and reliable solution for businesses or individuals who want a networking solution for their needs.

No doubt, WiMAX is still in its early age, and its peak has yet to come. It has become very popular in its first few years though, which indicates that this technology has a long way to go as far as fast internet connections are concerned.

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  1. Nick

    May 18, 2013 at 7:45 pm

    Isn’t WiMAX the “4G” standard that Clear/Sprint were using and decided to dump in favor of LTE, since it was currently far slower than LTE and had a lower theoretical ceiling as well?

  2. myles

    May 18, 2013 at 8:24 pm

    I did not know that it WiMAX can give such huge data transfer speeds. Seems amazing.

  3. Sudipto

    May 20, 2013 at 5:49 am

    Hey Brandon,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. I never heard about WiMAX but after reading this post it really seems interesting.

  4. Anamika

    May 20, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    nice article Brandon,
    thanks for introducing me with the term wi-max.., earlier i was unaware of the same.., i’ll check for the availability of wi-max in my city …:)

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