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Why Your Business Needs an E-Commerce Mobile App

In the era of the digital world, mobile has become the most valuable and necessary gadget that you will find in everyone’s hands. Mobile has been booming in the market with convenience-craving customers, and now business owners are inventing ways to use these mobile platforms to grab new customers.

Previously, the websites were fulfilling everyone’s needs and resolving many day-to-day issues, but ever since mobiles have crept into our lives and with the gradual increase in their usage, the popularity of mobile phones and their applications have been at the peak as well. Thanks to modern technology.

On a very precise note, mobile phones have changed the business of retailers they used to do before. Since it’s a handy gadget and everyone can carry it easily, every business has been switched to the mobile app to stay connected with their customers.

As per the research of market estimates, retail eCommerce sales are expected to reach $3.5 trillion in 2021. Hence, the figure shows, that in the technology-driven market, companies ranging from startups to small or large are driving toward the mobile app.

So, do you have any idea why an eCommerce mobile app is a must for your business? Why do you need to develop an eCommerce mobile app for your business? Well, here are a few reasons why you need an eCommerce mobile app to enhance your business.

Direct Interaction with Customer

Today, with the help of mobile devices, customers can stay connected with your product or brand 24×7, whenever and wherever they wish. These mobile devices have also changed the way we interact with brands, acquire information, and shop. Many customers are shifting to mobile devices to shop for their favorite brands at affordable prices. Even though the app provides 24×7 customer care service to its customers so this way they can change the way of interaction.

To stay in touch with your customers, your brand should also come up with interesting deals, customer loyalty bonuses, offers, discounts, and coupons. This type of service program will catch the customer’s eye and they will not choose other competitors over you.

Brand Recognition

In the eCommerce industry, the mobile app has always put customers first when it comes to their service and engagement. You can develop a robust, interactive, informative, and stylish mobile app with many features that customers love.

Integrate social media platforms into your mobile app, so that customers can share their views and products on social media and also with their friends. They can get the power to talk about products or services. It’s an easy way to generate the lead. Because once the customer lands on your website, they will add a product to a shopping cart, make a purchase or save to buy later. This results in increasing your eCommerce conversion rates.

Push Notification For Better Efficiency

Mobile apps are considered more user-friendly, flexible, and easy to manage. Every retailer knows how to grab customers’ attention and stay connected with their customers. Push notifications are messages that are sent to a customer through the app. It directly displays on the screen.

It’s the perfect and most direct way to communicate with the customer. With the push notification, customers can instantly purchase the product and intimate other users as well with sharing options. If the message is catchy or attracts them with the deal, users will surely purchase the product or leverage your service. It’s a fast, effective and convenient way to generate leads with push notifications.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Gone are the days when businesses prefer hoardings, website banners, newspaper ads, or email marketing to attract users and make them customers. The mobile app plays an important role in customers creating a bond with the product.

Mobile apps have made users stay connected with their brand with just a finger tap. If the customers are frequent customers or users, you can give them rewards and customer loyalty programs. You can exclusively give them rewards as they are shopping through the app. This functionality will encourage them to purchase more products from your app. This is one of the greatest ideas to boost customer loyalty.

Be More Visible to Your Customers

Here is another reason why you need an eCommerce mobile app. Everybody is very much active on their mobile devices when it comes to operating their social media platforms. Customers are spending hours on the internet and social media. So, by leveraging its advantage, we should promote our brands across the internet – be it on social media, news, YouTube or browsers.

Since customers spend most of the time on the mobile app, you have to develop an app that is more user-friendly leveraging smart brand tactics with UI/UX designs. This will create a lasting impression on customers. Apart from this, you should also cover the pain points of customers by answering their queries.

The eCommerce app gives you better visibility and chances of conversion to your products by integrating social media platforms into the app. So that customers can share their favorite products with their friends and family via Gmail, Social Media Channels, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

Lower Cart Abandonment Rate

One of the biggest enemies of the eCommerce business is Cart Abandonment Rate. Research shows that almost 68% of customers cancel their orders before making a final purchase due to the complicated checkout process on a desktop website. But when it comes to mobile apps, the cart abandonment rate is 20% which is almost four times lower than desktop or mobile sites.

In the USA alone, 23% of users have not made it to the final purchase page due to this troublesome issue. With personalized features and easy steps of the checkout process, you can reduce the cart abandonment rate for mobile apps.

Wrapping Up!

eCommerce mobile apps hold great potential to generate great revenue for your business. Apart from the given benefits, there are several more that helps your business grow more. The only thing that matters the most for mobile apps is customer satisfaction. If you satisfy customers’ thirst and needs, you will always find them on your app. Hence, it will create higher conversion rates.

We hope this article has cleared your doubts about having an eCommerce mobile app for your business. An eCommerce mobile app will help customers in a variety of ways from customer support to engagement to loyalty bonuses. This way you can tie up your customers with your brand.

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Nimesh Gohil is a content strategist and digital marketing enthusiast at The One Technologies, helping clients and their brands achieve their business goals, such as improving sales and market share, by developing integrated marketing strategies distinguished by research, engagement, and ROI conversion.

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