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Why You Need to Focus on Your Career not Your Job

After years of being in school, or doing an apprenticeship, a person would always look at what jobs they can apply for; the next step seems to be finding the most stable path and staying in there until you retire. Logically, or perhaps 20 years ago this is the right path to take; however, with the fast-changing world, everyone must master at least 2 sets of skills in 2 different fields.

Then and Now

Comparing the world we live in years ago to what we have right now, it is undeniable things have changed. From taking pictures, connecting to people, and broadcasting your everyday life, all these have been altered along with how we should look at our career paths. Then, you can have 1 job for the rest of your life and you are set, but now, you must work more hours or more than 1 job to make ends meet. The rapid modification of the cost of living affects the lifestyle of an entire generation compared to their parents’.

Career vs Job

A job is where you go most of your day to get paid monetary value uniform to what everyone else is getting paid in accordance to the law. On the other hand, a career is a job where there is room for advancement and helps someone develop more set of skills as they move upward or to a different industry. A job keeps you stagnant in a position or two, this wears you and makes you feel unmotivated. A career keeps you moving, thus having you achieve more in your industry and gain transferable skills, in case the economy shifts, and you need to transfer to a different industry.

Making your Job a Career

First, you have to ensure there is room for improvement in your job if not, you should start looking within your industry where you can have a career. If there is a way you can advance in your current job, take note of all the skill sets or educational background you would need in order to get promoted. Developing new skill sets may make your job a bit easier and you will find motivation because you are now working towards a goal. In some cases where you cannot advance into any higher position in your current job, there is still hope.

You have to find a job that can be turned into your career. Look through different job postings and take note of what you need in order to get that job. It is best to develop the skills you need while you are still working in your current job rather than quitting without any means to sustain yourself. Once you have done this, it is time to make changes. Developing a new skill set may become a challenge if you are still stuck in the stagnant mentality. Either it is changing your daily routine, or taking out small unhealthy choices in your lifestyle this will help you towards your goal.

After you have made changes in your life, you have to start your journey on developing yourself. You are the product you want to sell, you have to make your career goal want you. One way to connect with your choice of industry is to have a polished resume and cover letter. Having a powerful resume can change your entire career status, whether you need help from resume writers, or from your genius friends it is always better to have a mentor that can help you with this journey.

Landing an interview and actually getting the job that you can turn into a career can be a lot challenging and scary as to simply staying where you are, but is it worth it to continue a job you feel stuck in, to make the dreams of your current employer? Or is it better to have yourself in that career path you have always wanted and achieved what you see yourself?

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Kevin Gardner loves writing about technology and the impact it has on our day to day lives. When not writing, Kevin enjoys working out at the gym and hiking in the mountains.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ranjan Khadka

    November 18, 2018 at 6:34 am

    I really enjoyed reading this post it has been able to grab the attention of people who want to build their careers. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information. A highly recommended post must read.

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