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Why We Love VoIP (And You Should, Too!)

The phenomenal success of VoIP has often been attributed to several factors such as quick ROI (Return on Investment) and cost savings. However, there is more to VoIP than just the economy angle; it is a revolutionary technology that makes lives of not only business executives but also general public simpler and easier. We are in love with VoIP and strongly believe that you too would start loving it once you learn about its amazing features and advantages.

We use VoIP in our offices (including the ones in remote locations) and recommend the same to all our customers. Majority of the prospects we got in touch with during the marketing process, were absolutely clueless about its features and advantages. Hence, we are writing this blog post to increase awareness about this power-packed telephony technology and the advantages it has to offer. Without much ado let’s start learning about the benefits one by one:

  • Flexibility

VoIP is a hosted solution so you can expect to have super-flexibility when it comes to installation and deployment. Traditional phone users will be aware of the fact that the old telephony systems required large boxes on the wall and separate lines or physical hardware for voice and data communication. However, this is all in the past now, as VoIP does not even need telephones – you have the option of using softphone (an application that can run on your PC or mobile).

It is extremely easy to add or delete users with a few clicks on the control panel and by configuring the softphone. There is no need of adding a new phone system or even upgrading ISDN lines;’ all communication needs will be taken care of by VoIP.

  • Portability

VoIP offers ultimate portability as you will be able to plug your softphone to the internet connection once it is configured and start using it even when you are located 1000 miles away from your office. You will be able to work from anywhere around the world and your phone will behave in the same manner as your desk phone i.e. it would ring along with other phones, colleagues in your office will be able to transfer calls to you etc.

Even the calls to your office phone can be received from your mobile by downloading the softphone and configuring it. Geographical boundaries have been literally eliminated by VoIP!

  • Cost

Cost benefits offered by VoIP had to simply follow and even though it is often the most highlighted among other advantages, people still do not have complete idea of the amount of money it can help them save. You can subscribe to VoIP services with as low as $4 per month for single user and $9 for premium service. The best thing about VoIP is that you will be able to make free calls to people who use the same service. If your company has multiple offices then you can make the most of IP telephony as almost all calls between two executives and departments will be absolutely free. You can arrange conference calls and video conferences at no additional costs. Thus, cost savings can be anything depending on your usage needs but it would definitely beat the cost advantage offered by any other telephone service provider.

  • Quality

During the early days of its introduction, VoIP failed to impress because of the poor audio and video quality. However, the technology itself never had any problems because quality of calls was affected due to poor bandwidth of the internet connections. Early users of VoIP never really understood the underlying problem behind the poor call quality and started avoiding it. However, over the last decade internet connectivity across the world has immensely improved and people are getting to use VoIP seamlessly. Quality of calls has shown great improvement and users even have the option of transferring the calls to their mobile phones in case their office broadband is down.

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Michelle Patterson is a blogger more interested in HRMS, Technology, and Business. She has been invited by many companies to see their products and love sharing the knowledge and experience with the world.

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