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Why the North of England is a Great Place to Start your Career in Tech

There are so many routes to take into securing a role in one of the most exciting sectors around. Getting that crucial first foot in the digital doorway can be a daunting and difficult step, especially if you’ve already been knocked back a few times.

Here’s why you ought to consider northern England as a place to commence your career in tech.

It’s an established sector

Tech isn’t just beginning to spread its innovative wings in the north of England. In fact, it’s been a steadily growing sector across many areas of the north for some time. In Newcastle upon Tyne, for instance, Newcastle University and Northumbria University continue to expand their progressive research centres in a city that already boasts over 20,000 digital jobs.

The number of new tech firms to have opened in the city between 2006 and 2016 soared by more than 400%, leaving Newcastle as the seventh fastest growing tech hub in the country.

…and it’s across the north

Research conducted by the Open Data Institute, identifying a new UK Tech Innovation index, placed areas of the North West and Yorkshire and the Humber among the top 10 areas for innovation in the UK. Decisively, the research shows that it is not just northern cities that are thriving in the sector, but that actual innovation ‘clusters’ are thriving on levels one might not normally associate with smaller towns or areas.

In the Yorkshire and the Humber, for instance, it’s not only Leeds and Sheffield but also Bradford, Barnsley, Huddersfield and Wakefield combining to create a genuine community of innovation in the region.

…and it’s absolutely booming

In Manchester, there are an incredible 62,500 tech jobs. This figure is surpassed by only – unsurprisingly – London but generates an astonishing estimate of almost £3 billion every year. Like Newcastle, the universities of the city repeatedly deliver sector-ready graduates to the workforce,and continue to produce groundbreaking research in tech.

Stimulating the growth of start-ups in the city and attracting high profile investment, 14 of the 50 fastest growing tech companies in the north of England are currently based in Manchester.

A choice of ideal locations

Many tech companies in Manchester benefit from working in the heart of the city’s innovation district, at the Manchester Technology Centre. This is one of the reasons the Lancashire city has a slight edge on other northern locations when it comes to starting a career.

While Yorkshire and the Humber’s tech companies appear to have popped up – albeit, also thrived – in several smaller areas, and Newcastle’s most innovative companies are situated throughout the city, Manchester boasts a dedicated space for tech.

Before you make maybe the most important move of your career, you should do plenty of research of your own into a given area and its opportunities. If you decide to start your career in tech in the heart of Manchester’s innovation district, though, you’ll require the services of a suitable man and van in Manchester.

Indeed, the right man-and-van service could greatly help to make your relocation to such a city as Manchester, Leeds or Newcastle so much easier, so that you can swiftly get on with your new role. Good luck with creating great tech!

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