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Why the IPad Is Not A Computer

The brushed aluminum back of the iPad Wi-Fi
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I remember the first time Apple iPad went on sale and a friend asked me if I was going to purchase one. My first answer was totally unrehearsed and by default “I already have a laptop”. Unfortunately I maintained the stance that I did not need another computer until my first interaction with the tablet device. Don’t get me wrong, I still haven’t purchased the iPad yet and consider an e-reader like the Kindle as being more relevant to my needs.

An important reason why a lot of people write off the iPad either before or soon after purchasing one is because they view it in the same fashion as a PC or notebook computer. When the iPad is looked at in the same way as a computer, it is inevitable that direct comparisons will be made and certain deficiencies will be found.

The iPad, however, is not a personal computer. It is a portable entertainment device and should be primarily used for this purpose. There are so many things to enjoy and creating spread sheets and word documents is certainly not one of them. Take for example, the thousands of apps available for download –  games, music, 3D-videos and lots more. Its almost like having your PSP, MP3 and DVD players all merged into one device that can also be used to write emails, notes, spread sheets and so on.

So then, why would you ever want to turn your iPad into a computer when you already have one? Perhaps, it is time you started enjoying it more by using it as what it really is – a portable entertainment device.

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Why do you think a lot of people view the iPad in the same vein as their laptop or personal computers?

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