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Why Social Media Platforms are Moving to Private Cloud Hosting

As the number of social media users worldwide reach 3.196 billion (2018) and continue to grow, it accounts for an endless amount of data to be stored, managed, and analyzed. With social applications becoming more sophisticated, they need highly customizable and owned tech infrastructure, making them the best candidate for private Cloud Hosting. Also known as ‘internal’ or ‘corporate’ cloud, this kind of hosting solution is more dedicated to a single enterprise.

Here are a few reasons why social media platforms should opt for Cloud-based Hosting:

Data storage

With increasing user base, interaction and content exchange social media sites are bound to have high volumes of data spread across the web. Heavy media content like photos and videos, need more space and can pull down the site speed if not smartly managed. With Cloud Hosting, social platforms can store and distribute data more efficiently and in real-time.

Data analysis

Using a cloud infrastructure for social media can also be helpful for big data analysis of these platforms. By accessing any kind of structured or unstructured data easily across the cloud network, social sites can develop their analytics program which can be used for the improvement of the platform applications and usage.

Site speed

Social media users are growing by the day and more users mean more requirement for speed. The platforms need to be well-equipped to handle a load of increased traffic, engagement, content sharing, and more. By distributing data across multiple servers and building a virtual network of servers and other resources, cloud hosting allows social sites to successfully manage the demand for higher speed, increased storage, and performance stability.


As social media gains popularity with its widespread usage, an increasing number of users also raise the concern about data privacy. Applications like Snapchat and Instagram pay a lot of emphasis on privacy and data encryption. For such social networks, it becomes important to move to a cloud platform which is more secure, customizable and works faster.

Data recovery

When dealing with infinite data, enterprises are always exposed to the risk of data loss especially for social networks where users share their personal information. So, storing data in a centralized location can pose a higher risk of data loss. With Cloud Hosting, the data centers are spread across different locations, making it easy for backup and recovery, in case of any natural disaster, theft, or technical malfunction.

Resource scalability

Social media sites are highly dynamic in nature. That requires your hosting solution to have provisions for handling sudden traffic surges or drops. One of the best features of Cloud Hosting is its capability to scale resources. Whenever the need arises, you can keep adding storage, network, applications, or anything that you need to fulfill your growing demand thereby optimizing your resources.

To sum it up…

If you are running a social media platform, then opting for a private Cloud Hosting might be a smarter move to increase cost-resource efficiency. And to avail the best benefits of hosting solution, you need a good and reliable Cloud Hosting provider who can provide you with the best hosting plans as per your platform needs.

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