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Why Should a Business Invest in IT Asset Management Software?

What’s necessary for one business may not be necessary for other businesses. But there are few components that are necessary for every business and one such component is the IT asset management software that helps businesses to concentrate on important areas and improve their return on investment.

The concept of asset management software is simple. No wastage, efficient utilization of resources and maximize the profit. A company that knows the efficient ways to manage the employees and assets, maximize the potential of each asset and improve the return on investment is progressing towards success.

Whether you have a small business or a large organization, assets play a vital role. From furniture to computer software, you need to be fully equipped to run a business of any kind. Unsuccessful companies are those who fail to record the amount spend on IT assets. When there’s a new member, it is not necessary to buy new asset but you can manage with the unused assets only if you have a record of them and only if they are maintained in a proper way. Using the software to track these details will help the business. With the help of software, the management will know the total number of assets, their values, the number of used and unused assets and much other information that will make their investments valuable.

When a business can improve their profit and make the right decisions, you don’t have to think more to invest in IT asset management software. However, we will give you the clear insights of the benefits you can enjoy by investing in the right IT asset management tool.

Every business needs a proper asset register

While every business concentrate on managing the employee details like recording their name, contact details, address, skills and more, most of the businesses fail to monitor the assets used by the business. For example, if a top-level management is given a laptop and the juniors are given desktops, it must be recording so that the IT team can be alerted when there’s a misuse of an asset. Maintaining an asset register also helps businesses to assign responsibilities and permission levels to the employees. The IT team can define the permission levels at different grades. Example, who should use a hard disk or external drive is an access control that can be monitored and managed via software.

Who is using the asset? Which employee or role required what kind of software? Should the junior grade employee get access to the critical software? These are the most common questions that arise in an office environment which can be easily tackled by a software.

Managing the asset register will know who used the asset for how long. It can also track the activities, the software and other important details that are useful for successful audits and more. Do you think managing it with a spreadsheet is possible? Of course not! If you are still using worksheets, you can quickly look for a software that has outstanding features.

Asset accounting

Let’s now look at the cost benefit. Say if you have 100 computers in your department out of which 75 are relatively new, 10 computers are very old, 10 computers need software upgrade and the rest 5 are almost worn out. And remember all the 100 computers might have a different set of access according to the users, the software may differ, some PC’s might have expensive software and other PC’s might have external hardware connected to them. How do you calculate the value of each asset? Do you think it is easy to calculate the cost? No! Not at all! It’s going to be hectic!

The best way to know the value of the assets is to record them throughout their lifecycle. From purchasing to depreciation, every value of the asset must be marked using the software that will help you analyze and calculate the cost of the asset.

Asset accounting is very essential for every business as the value of the company is judged based on its resources and assets. Maintaining proper balance sheets and profit and loss account for the assets will help the businesses to manage their overall expenses and it is also helpful in bring new businesses.

Compliance policies

While calculating the benefits of Asset Management Software, you cannot ignore the compliance policies. There are companies who are using the software as they help in abiding with the Internal and the External Compliance policies. The software helps in the generation of reports which is beneficial for the auditors as it monitors the compliance levels of the company. The compliance policies here include Service Level Compliance, Software License Compliance, Tax Compliance, Health and Safety Compliance, and PAS55 Compliance along with the internal compliance like Service and Usage compliance that help in strengthening the relationships for your customers. Both internal and external compliances are much beneficial for the companies for strengthening the relationships with the customers.

Tracking of assets

While talking about asset tracking, the companies generally misunderstand it as only the physical location tracking. But the fact is that it also includes the identification of the stage the asset is currently working in. Some of the software used for physical location assets include Barcode, GPS, RFID, etc. The physical tracking helps in determining the delivery time of goods, monitoring the assets that are movable, route planning, etc. The tracking also comes with relevant information like the user manuals, photos, warranty contracts, and other important documents that are required for any kind of asset record. The mobile asset tracking software has also played a vital role in tracking the current status of the assets. While the second kind of tracking includes determining the assets that require servicing, replacement stage, assets inside and outside premises, disposal of assets, etc. Tracking the assets helps in calculating the asset life, its performance, and apart from this, it is also helpful in building trends.

Asset maintenance – repairs and replacements

An important part of the asset management is the maintenance of the asset. Maintenance of assets has abundant benefits like increasing the life of the asset, improving the performance of the asset, effective for depreciation, compliance policies, and much more. Recording the asset maintenance dates and working on them in proper time would help in the optimization of the operational efficiency of the asset. The prime benefit among all is that the software would inform you about when your assets are serviced, where they are serviced, the service cost, and every minor detail regarding the maintenance.

Improved profit levels for every business

Asset Management Software is not only helpful for inventory purpose. It also serves as an accurate source of information for the company for gaining advantages during competition ultimately resulting in profits. When you are ready with the facts and figures through the management software, you can prepare any strategies and work out on the production and cost with ease. With an efficient strategy of asset management, the companies can also reduce the unwanted costs. Also, working on the strategy, the company can also decide whether a particular asset is required by the company or not, which also helps in avoiding unwanted investments. The software is a great help for financial reporting and management of the assets and other related aspects.

Undoubtedly, IT asset management software is a boon for business it is a good idea to invest in efficient software that helps the business to monitor their process more efficiently at affordable prices. What is the asset management technique that you have? Share it with us.

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