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Why Placelists Will Change Your Life

Everyone knows what a music playlist is – an online list of songs you’ve collected that could have a common theme, style or are just your favourite jams.

But, what is a placelist?

The brainchild of a new app developer, Bimble, placelists allows users to find, share and remember places around the world. Whether it’s places you’ve been or places you’re hoping to go, Bimble makes it easy to curate and access your locations anytime, anywhere.

Disruption Through Emotion

While other travel platforms are geared around reviews – getting them from others as well as providing research opportunities – Bimble aims to be about the simple love of places and the local sights, experiences and businesses that give them their character.

TripAdvisor and Google use their reviews to create an overall ranking of the best places in an area, but Bimble is a more personal experience. As such, Bimble is poised to disrupt the travel app sector by creating a positive platform for discovery and connection.

Instead of trawling through hyperbolic reviews that might not even be genuine, Bimble creates a Pinterest-like scrapbook of the world for today’s modern travellers. It appeals to global wanderlust as well as the joy of discovering something new in your own neighbourhood.

So, how could you use a platform like this?

Holiday Keepsake

You may have seen the post about 5 tips to documenting your vacation at the end of last year, there are some great points in there, but who has time to create a physical scrapbook these days?

With Bimble you can create placelists whilst on your trip (or when you get back) of all the restaurants, bars, attractions and any other place that you went to and may want to go back to or recommend to others.

Bimble provides a selection of photos for each place and all the basic information so you can quickly add it. However, you can also upload your own photos for each venue and add comments about the place.

Recommendations Hub

If someone asks you what new music you are listening to, you can send them a link to your latest playlist. But when someone asks where they should take their girlfriend out for her birthday or if you know any great pubs to watch the rugby, you have to give it some thought, Google the places to remember the exact names, and then put it in an email or WhatsApp message.

With placelists you can send a link with all your recommended places just as easily as the music example. If you don’t already have a list for those types of places, then it only takes a few minutes to create one.

Supporting Your Favourite Local Places

By including your favourite businesses in your placelists you are endorsing them for other users to find. Bimble is based on the idea that you know your local neighbourhood because you are there most of the time.

You know where the awesome deli or pub is and what makes each place extra special for you. Someone visiting for the weekend can benefit from your local insider knowledge and avoid the tourist traps and your favourite businesses will benefit from more customers: win, win , win.

Did I mention that they look really cool too? If you’re in my neighbourhood, check out my recommendations for the best cocktails in Brighton or explore all Brighton placelists.

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