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Why is Technology Important?

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Technology has changed our lifestyle in these modern times to the extent that we can’t do without all the advances, products, or benefits that have brought us since the methods of communicating, receiving information, and even the way of living have evolved. This is thanks to the simple fact that it becomes certain activities that before used more time or were more difficult.

When science gives us the means to facilitate our activities, to have a better organization, or to respond to certain needs in the form of devices, resources or, other tools, this is where we have what we know as technology.

Importance of Technology

In many fields, the technological influence has been such that the ways of working have been transformed and it is also much easier to learn and work.


In education, new teaching methods have been created that involve the use of electronic devices that even replace the notebooks, the classrooms have equipment for more didactic classes and even students can use their cell phones to study with applications made especially for facilitating the studies.

Now the teaching can be fun because with an endless number of devices and programs you can create classes that capture the students’ attention all the time and even motivate them to use their own devices to learn while having fun.

As the way of communicating evolved, it also changed the way of teaching because when distances are reduced, media such as television or the internet can be used to reach distant communities that in the past could not have had an education because of the lack of surrounding schools.


In the past, people could only talk to who they had in front of them and although over the years different ways emerged to shorten the distance as the use of letters was not until these modern times that the number of kilometers between people stopped importing.

With new smartphones coming to market every year, in addition to talking we use instant messaging, emails and in the future, there will surely be more innovative ideas.

Likewise, television and other media such as radio and now the internet transformed the way we acquire information, news, or any other relevant event. We can know what is happening on the other side of the world and know different cultures without leaving our home.


When science is applied in these fields, what is normally sought is to reduce mortality rates, search for more efficient methods to fight diseases, or simply improve the quality of life of people. With technology, a great leap is made since it is easier to detect diseases and perform medical treatments, if before the doctors took the pulse with their hands now it is possible to use machines to measure even more things, you can have a clearer ultrasound and more radiographs accurate.

With the technological advances that occur in less time now, it is likely that in the future medicine will bring its discipline very close to perfection.


This point covers many aspects but it is easy to consider when we see all the devices that we have around us and how they do complicate or long tasks in a short time and without major inconvenience. From computers where we make texts for work or school, washing machines that save a lot of effort, microwaves to eat something instantly, or even security cameras, the ideas are unlimited and all respond to a need that at the time He had humanity.

The fundamental principle of the importance of technology lies in the simple fact that it returns certain tasks. During the first years of humanity, life was certainly not easy and in the main points where there have been changes, people’s needs have been met to make things faster, be more efficient and even live longer.

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Ami Chakma is a BA in Fashion Design. Her life to write meaningful stories and other through her research and content. She truly believes that knowledge is power. When Ami Chakma is not her desk, she likes to go reading.

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