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What are the Commonly Used ERP Systems in this Modern Era?

As we all know, we are living in a world full of new tools and technologies. Being human, we cannot deny the importance and value of modern technology and tools. Similarly, ERP is a new software of this modern era to handle business data professionally.

ERP system is a modern management system that integrates enterprise resources and realizes information integration across organizations, regions, and departments. It includes marketing, customers, projects, sales, contracts, procurement, inventory, production, products, after-sales, finance, and people. Many functions, such as capital and office, help enterprises achieve maximum efficiency and efficiency through the integration of enterprise resources and optimization of resource allocation. With the rapid development of information technology, ERP systems have more and more functions and more and more brands. So, what brands are there in the ERP system? Which brands of ERP systems are good?

We all know that different companies have different business models, some are mainly production, and some are mainly sales. The same is production, there is homemade production, there is also outsourcing processing, and some have to pay attention to sales in addition to good management. If the functional modules of the ERP system are relatively simple, it will certainly not meet the ever-changing management needs of the enterprise development process. Therefore, which brands of the ERP system are not important, and more importantly, which brand of the ERP system is most suitable?

ERP system classic version

It includes all functions of ERP (sales version) and ERP (production version), seamlessly integrates the call center, and integrates call center, sales, inventory, production, finance, and OA to solve all management problems in a system. The data is shared in real-time, and the operation and collaboration of all links of the enterprise are monitored throughout the whole process, which is suitable for enterprises that manage all the business of the company in one system.

ERP system production version

It includes all functions of production, CRM, project management system, and invoicing system. It integrates production management, customer relationship, inventory, finance, and OA. It solves all management problems in a system, real-time data sharing, and full monitoring. As Dynamics GP Partner in UAE is the best example of ERP system production version. The operation and collaboration of all aspects of the enterprise are suitable for a production-oriented enterprise that manages all of the company’s business in a system.

ERP system sales version

It includes all the functions of CRM, project management system, and invoicing system. It integrates customer relationships, inventory, finance, and OA perfectly. It solves all management problems of the enterprise in one system, real-time data sharing, and monitors the operation of all links in the whole process.


From the above discussion, we can easily conclude that the ERP system has changed the way to handle business data. Now you can professionally handle your business data. It provides better security for important data. You can choose an ERP system according to your business requirements. By using suitable ERP software for your business data, you can boost your business in a very short period.

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