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Why Is Ignoring Customer Support Wrong?

Your customer expects support from you in time of need

You would not be able to help your business in any way possible if its customer base reduces beyond a specified limit. At the end of the day, it is business and not charity. A prolonged period of worldwide economic instability and financial meltdown saw many business conglomerates fall down like a pack of cards. Even now the revenue of many businesses continues to decline. The biggest mistake that organizations commit is ignoring customers for the heck of their growth. This is completely unacceptable as services and customer retention should be given top priority during times of financial distress.

When all the other business strategies fail, companies find solace in service. As a result, a company starts projecting itself as a customer-oriented organization. However, blowing one’€™s own trumpet is of little help because an enterprise needs to deliver what it has promised. An organization ends up losing the trust of its customers if this does not happen. The truth of the matter is that only a few enterprises serve customers in true sense.

Why service matters most to customers

Service providers hardly realize that unhappy customers are a result of inappropriate customer service and not a poor product as it is generally assumed. You cannot escape the queries of your customers irrespective of your business requirements or the industry your business caters to. Like it or hate it, you need to be prepared to address the grievances of your customers whenever they expect you to do so. Thus, the concept of customer support came into existence.

Enhanced customer service is something that virtually acquired the stature of a challenging business deliverable. Often, organizations are able to sell their products or services. They are not able to deliver what they promised to their Ignore customer supportcustomers. A company needs to understand that the same product is meant for all the customers. However, customer service is personal and varies from customer to customer. Customers are the ones for whom you work and not the ones who interfere with your business.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Wouldn’€™t you feel exasperated if you are asked to wait for an indefinite period of time? In addition, it is not unusual that the calls of customers are not even picked up. No doubt, the customer interaction representatives have a number of tasks on their lists of priorities. However, care should be taken that the interest of customers does not suffer. Enterprises are under consistent pressure from all sides. Therefore, they lack the time to deliver what is expected in terms of customer care. The situation calls for outsourced customer services that eventually do the trick for a business.

Significance of call center and outsourced services

  • Point of direct interaction: You can understand the importance of a contact center from the fact that no other department or unit in your organization interacts with customers so frequently. Since all the interactions between your representatives and customers are confined to the customer care segment, they are the ones who can provide you with the much needed information and insight about your brand.
  • Understanding of customer preferences: A customer interaction associate whose job is to address the grievances of customers accomplishes his job responsibilities every day. He best understands what your customer is looking for. In addition, he also knows how a particular product is performing or whether the performance of a product is improving or deteriorating.
  • Streamlined business activities: The information collected by contact center representatives is extremely useful for a business. The assimilation and analysis of the information prove to be helpful in organizing the activities of a business and reducing the associated costs.
  • Uniformity of customer experience: When your customer care function is being handled by a capable and trustworthy contact center, then you can be assured that your customers have access to the services of superior quality across all the channels of service. Establishing a standard procedure ensures uniformity of service. This is important because no customer should feel that somebody else is being given priority over him.

In the contemporary business world, the manner in which your organization deals with a customer plays a critical role in determining the success of your business. Since everything boils down to customer service at the end, it is something that should feature on the top of the priorities of an enterprise. Outsourcing activities associated with the management of customers not only offers an economical, but also an effective solution to your business. Last, but not the least, you are at peace because your customers are happy!

Written By

Peeter Helmore is working as a customer support manager with a leading business process outsourcing company. He has been working in the customer care domain for the last five years. His experience has helped him understand what a customer expects from the services of a contact center. He occasionally writes articles to highlight the latest issues in the customer service industry.



  1. Stephan

    April 21, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    Very useful post
    customers service should be considered an important role in your business and unless you want to be success, do it right.
    thanks for your sharing.


  2. Sudipto

    April 23, 2014 at 1:18 pm

    Customer service is very important for any business and if our customer service is good, it helps us in building good relations with our customer and also promotes our business. Thanks for sharing this post.

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