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Why In-House Servers are Better than Cloud

We know that in house servers are the ones where you will have to buy the equipment that you need for operating and with the cloud.

So, I should warn you. This will sound like an ad for In-House servers and that is not the point of it. To be fair, we need to start from the beginning and work out what we need to know from the information about these two. Everyone has their opinion about this but let’s examine it first.

We know that in house servers are the ones where you will have to buy the equipment that you need for operating and with the cloud, you have general shared resources.

Let us look at these things and see what we can get from it all.

The Cloud

Since the year 2009, expenditures on cloud computing have been moving at the steady rate of 4.5%. This is a rate that is different than most of the technologies that have been introduced to help with computing. Nowadays, people like to stream from the cloud and work with it more.

It has all the glamour of a young maiden at a tavern. It will become better as the years go by but for now, it is mainly used by startups who don’t have enough to spend on their initial stages. This is because of the cheapness.

The cloud may feel and sound likes a slick and smooth technology with all the glossy ads about the way that it works. But there are some issues that have been plaguing it and they include: cybersecurity, fees that keep on rising and poor performance is a lot of cases.

There is also the need to have an internet connection to access the data that you need.

That is where In-House servers like the HPEs get their advantage. It is a long road but you will see the cons and the pros.

In-House Servers

These are the physical serves that you will have storing and processing data for you.They will need to be housed in your workplace or a room of some sort and connected to the computers and the devices that you have. There is the issue of cost though which many cloud users cry about.

Well, I can tell you that when you look at the long term plan, you will see clearly how you are paying more when you use the cloud. The fees for cloud keep rising remember?

In house servers will also ensure that you do not have the risk of being hacked by any outsiders. This is because data stops where the server stands and only when you connect to the internet do you get exposed to any potential cyber-criminal out there.

There is a lot to talk about including where to store these and the IT support that you will need if you are to keep the whole system as efficient as it gets with no glitches at all.

As you can probably tell, there is a lot that you can get when you have in-house servers. Until the cloud becomes a safe haven with reasonable fees, be careful what you get into.

How Do They Compare?

Well, that is easily stated. With the cloud, you have a way that as a startup, you can manage and use data and that is a good thing because servers like HPE don’t cost peanuts. You will need money to invest in this.

But with the fees issues and the way that people keep on hacking into the cloud like a pervert sneaks into a school playground, you are not that safe.

You will need to make sure that you have backups that will help you in case of an emergency where you lose the data that you have in storage.

When we look at the in-house servers, you will find that it is a different ballpark altogether. Here, you need to have the cash to buy these and the space to store them but in return, you are assured that unless they literally burn in a fire, there won’t be a loss of data.

It is for this reason and the fact that with a steady business you end up paying less that in-house servers become better than using the cloud.

The data will be stored where you can access it easily and with fewer extra steps.

Why In-House Is Better?

I will rattle of a lot of reasons why this one comes out as the better opponent in this game. With in-house servers, you will get:

  • Physical control over the server. You can simply literally unplug to stop a leak or a hack and maintain it as you see fit.
  • There is also the fact that you have the chance to keep data safe from prying eyes that will steal it.
  • You will not need to rely on the internet to gain access to the information that you have.

If there is anything better please let me know and consider hybridization; using both for perfect redundancy.

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Sagar Mandan is HR and SEO specialist at a company which provides seo services to their clients. He do spend his free time explaining young SEO executives. You can follow him on twitter @techssocial

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