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How to Behave In a Bowling Alley – Know the Bowling Etiquettes

Bowling is fun! Whether you are a professional player or you occasionally step on the field, it’s a game that will fill you with loads of excitement.

But have you ever accidentally stepped on a foul line, or you have accidentally hit the on someone’s lane in excitement to hit strike? Well, these mishaps will bring you in embracing situations, and you perhaps would end up ruining the game. After all, you will get the tag of the person who had screwed someone’s perfect game.

If you don’t want to see yourself in these embracing situations, have a look at the bowling etiquettes before you go to hit the pins:

But first you should know the general bowling etiquettes:

  • Wear bowling shoes as street shoes will increase the chance of getting a slip
  • Be polite with others and keep the aggressive tone in your mouth
  • Don’t bring food or any drink near the lanes, as spilling can damage the lane as well as the increases the risk of getting slipped
  • If you street shoes are wet, keep them away
  • Don’t use someone else’s ball
  • Don’t jump on foul line

Now that you all basic etiquettes, dig in to know what you shouldn’t be dong at a bowling alley:

Don’t rush! Let the pin setting machine fishes the arrangement:

Bowl only when the pin set is ready. Let the machine complete its cycle and wait for the sweet bar to get raise. The sweet bar is the white bar that clears your scattered pins and moves upward for the next set. If you are throwing the ball before the machine is ready, you perhaps end up damaging the ball or the equipment. Practice the trick of throwing and build your own bowling alley at-home.

Let the bowler on your right side bowl if you are planning to bowl at the same time:

Bowling is like driving; you will find yourself in the situations where two people are juggling to reach the same position at the same time. In such situations, be courteous and let the other bowler bowl. If you throw your ball along with them, chances are your ball will get in the foul lane and you might end up ruining their game.

Be prepared!

Nobody likes to wait in bowling, so prepare yourself for the lane for your turn. Don’t panic and run, stay calms and let the opponent finishes his turn.

Don’t jump in foul lanes, respect the lane boundaries:

It is quite often than people, in the excitement of hitting the pins, jumps off to someone else’s lane. But don’t do that. If you hit from your area, the ball will go in your direction.

Hit and move:

Once you are done with your hit, move ahead and let other’s take the turn. Staying along with your teammates when they bowl is distracting as well as dangerous.

Take permission, if you want to use someone else’s ball:

Just like asking permission for anything else that is not yours, ask for permission to use someone else’s ball. Although it is confusing to remember which ball you were using, apologies if this happens.

Play to win the game, but be a sport when you lose:

It’s good if you win but be a gracious loose if you are unable to deliver the hit. Practice the shots, brush-up your skills.

Why wait? Hit the lanes and bet your score!

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Keeping it simple, I would say I am a simple whacky kid :) whose mind is always open to learn more and more in this expanding universe. Another quality that I possess is- Even when the house is on fire, I try to keep a cool head. I have the right mix of education, creativity, organizational skills and motivation to become a competent professional. I prefer being involved in work rather than just watch it happening.



  1. Brian Rondo

    September 15, 2018 at 9:53 am

    Great article! My biggest pet peeves; street shoes and drinking on the lane WHILE bowling. It doesn’t seem like a big deal to someone who doesn’t bowl often but etiquette is very important to those of us who bowl regularly.

  2. James Smith

    November 11, 2018 at 7:20 pm

    Good article. Pleased to learn some new things from here. Keep sharing such educative blogs. Happy read 🙂

  3. Amy Winters

    June 14, 2019 at 11:13 pm

    Thank you for pointing out that people should know the general bowling etiquettes and that being polite with others is number 2 on the list. My brother has been thinking about joining a professional league. It’s good to know that there is good sportsmanship in the game of bowling.

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