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Why Build My Rank Is Building No More

Internet giant Google has showed its muscle by slapping Build My Rank with link harvesting penalties which has, imminently, shut their doors to business. Search engine optimization is the key factor for millions of web sites in order to get more visible than others and Build My Rank has helped many of these web sites to get more visibility on the Internet through different search engines. We may have to wait a few days more in order to draw a line of conclusion about the shutdown of Build My Rank, but thousands of web site owners and SEO professionals have just felt undone after this incident. In fact, Google is not any such rival of Build My Rank, and some valid reasons and logical explanations are there before shutting down of Build My Rank by Google.

Build My Rank worked by increasing the page ranking of any web site. Build My Rank has used pure word press platform for their business, which has not preferred by Google. Google was not comfortable with such blogging approach, used by Build My Rank in order to create back links of different web sites.

Too many client of Build My Rank may have also triggered Google to take such approach. Complaints are there that, many private network sites have also affected by such numerous clients over one place. Main problem was about the quality and relevance of the content, which has used in the link building process of Build My Rank. The way Build My Rank worked was very simple. Many people have started to make money out from Build My Rank by following the instruction, where quality or relevance of the writing or were not the key issue. Google has noticed this and might have taken this as the key issue to shutdown Build My Rank. In fact, the way Build My Rank worked has started to affect SEO industry by two ways. In one way, thousands of web sites have ranked up in order to get more traffic through different search engines. In another way, the whole Build My Rank approach has put a negative impact as the quality and purpose of web content has started to go down.

In one sense, Build My Rank has the approach and mechanism for web site owners only. It has found the gap in Google’s corridor and tried its best to get the most out from there. In reality, this approach has affected millions of end users, as they have failed to get quality and purposeful content through their web search. This has become a key issue for millions of Internet users, which could be one key reason for Google to shut down Build My Rank. Google has also noticed too much engineering from Build My Rank without considering the quality of the content. Google have taken this issue seriously, as this has started affecting its search quality. A large number of individual and businesses have affected by such decision and action from Google. According to many SEO experts, such shutdown of Build My Rank will make the SEO industry put more concentration on the quality and relevancy of any link building content.

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Posted by Greg Henderson, an Internet Marketer and SEO Associate for a cell phone lookup site, and an find an email address site



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