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Why are Upright Fridges Important for Professional Kitchens?

The upright commercial fridge is also called the cabinet fridge. These fridges are considered perfect for such kitchens, which have small space for storage purposes. These fridges occupy less area but reach to the high ceiling. People mainly prefer it because of its reliability and compatibility. These fridges contain many shelves in them where huge quantities of food and beverages can be stored. They can also be used for the storage of gastro norms.

What are the Advantages of Upright Fridges?

The demand of these commercial fridges has been growing over the past few years because of its beneficiary factors. The upright commercial fridge is much advantageous as compared to the horizontal fridges. The benefits of these fridges are mentioned below:

  • Saves the Floor Space: In a commercial food business, having a compact area is important. Thus, placement of each and every equipment needs to be planned. The upright commercial fridge is thus useful in such cases. It occupies minimal space of the kitchen.
  • Availability of a Variety of Sizes: These fridges are available in a variety of sizes. The size varies with the difference in the number of doors, which are present in each type. These are mainly of three types: single, double, and triple. The larger the fridge, the more amount of food can be stored in it.
  • Extensive Capacity: An upright commercial fridge has a huge storage capacity. It can store an ample amount of substances. It is always advised to check the storage capacity before buying them. Buy that particular size, which is required as per your storage needs. These fridges are available in capacities like 600 liters, 1310 liters, 420 liters, etc. The dimensions of these fridges also vary accordingly.

What are the Types of Upright Fridges?

There are several types of upright commercial fridges available in the manufacturing industry. Some of the types are mentioned below:

#1. Freestanding Upright Fridges:

These freezers are considered the best for the storage of food and beverages. It has antibacterial, auto defrosting, interior lighting, and many more facilities. Nowadays, this upright commercial fridge is made in such a way so that it saves the maximum amount of energy. These are available in a variety of color combination and have various adjustable shelves to store the food. It offers various storage capacities.

#2. Integrated Upright Fridges:

This type of upright fridge is generally made in such a way that it matches the entire design of a domestic kitchen. These can also be modified according to the needs of the kitchen.

What are the Features, Which One Should Consider Before Buying?

Some of the features, which one should look upon before buying, are described below:

  • Adjustable Shelves: Always check whether the upright commercial fridge, which you intend to buy, has enough number of shelves so that a sufficient amount of food can be stored in it.
  • Frost-Free: The fridge should be equipped with an auto-defrosting technology. This can save a lot of time and increase the longevity of the fridge.


These high duty and high capacity fridges are easily available in the market. For various unique designs, one can buy them from various online sites, as well. These are also considered ideal for catering businesses and supermarkets. All the fridges look similar but the only thing, which varies in the fridges, is the number of shelves present in it.

Buy these types of fridges only from reputed and reliable manufacturers and buy the size only that is required. For example, for hotel kitchens, multiple door fridges might be required but for the domestic purposes, single door fridge might also suffice.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Yoshiko Flora

    February 19, 2019 at 1:55 am

    I find it awesome that you said that a commercial kitchen can get an additional 420 liters, 600 liters, or 1310 litters space for food once they install an upright fridge. However, I believe that it is important that they should find a local repair service as soon as possible. For example, with their help, they can keep wine and vodka chilled enough so as not to lose its freshness and flavor.

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