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Why Are Grades Not Enough To Get A Job

In the race of getting good grades, students forget the idea of education. Going by students’ opinions, grades show their worth to companies. Of course, no one wants to sit idle after graduation, but scoring good grades is not solely important.

Education is meant to bring change within us; changes which can make us a better person in the world. Students must understand that everything has a value in this world, but only up to a limit. Grades show academic intelligence, but there are some other things that you have to have to be able to prove your worth in front of employers.

Let us see what else you need to land a good job.


Personality means that traits that set us apart from others around us. The features that define us and our response to situations in our lives combine to form our personality.

Students, when become employees, have to spend at least one-third of their entire day at work with the same people. Their academic reports won’t reflect their entire skills in front of everyone, but the way they work in a team and handle pressure there, will.

Problem-Solving Attitude

While in an organization, employees have to face a tremendous amount of pressure from their bosses and other seniors. The only way out of trauma is to possess problem-solving skills. Practicing for aptitude tests helps in gaining these skills over time. These cognitive skills help candidates find solutions to problems that can either be mild or severe in nature. But employers need to know whether a candidate can do precisely the same or not. And for that, there is an assessment test that students have to take.

Matrigma Test is one of the cognitive ability tests out there. It was designed and developed by Assessio International to measure cognitive skills and job performance of candidates using a web platform, which is obviously modern and safe. When it comes to duration, Matrigma lasts for 40 minutes, double the time of any other psychometric test. Candidates are supposed to attempt 35 questions in the given period. All these questions are based on 3*3 matrices where students have to observe a set of images to understand which one must go in a blank space.

If this was not enough,  designers added a layer of difficulty, multiple layers precisely. With every attempted question, the test keeps on getting harder. For a student to score well in this test, rigorous training and practice are necessary. Those who are able to score well in this test are most likely to get the job in the end.


The one thing that can never be ignored at an organization is communication. It is of utmost importance that employees can convey their messages and ideas to their colleagues and must also be able to understand what others have to say.

Communication is never one-way; one, who speaks, has to listen to others as well. This is how it goes. Not just in a verbal sense, it can be done through writing as well. One can enhance his skills by practicing in public speaking events and writing short articles for student newspapers.

Relevant Work Experience

Even if you were in college, employers prefer candidates who have field experience in the concerned industry. Students don’t have to work full-time to earn on-hand experience. They can achieve it through internships and part-time jobs.

While working part-time, a student must ensure that does not hamper his studies. Grades and experience must go hand in hand. That’s what employers look for in candidates for their organization.

Team Work and Management

To be able to achieve success at a professional level, one must have the skills to work in a team. It might sound cool, but is not an enticing prospect for everyone. Team members sometimes don’t listen carefully, so one must be able to manage things without ruining the situation.

Not just about managing team, one must be able to take instructions from other members as well as the leader effectively. Employers judge it through how you present yourself in the interview.


What we conclude here is that grades hold some importance, but they are not completely important. When in college, students must give some importance to the learning objectives so that they understand what exactly would be expected of them at the end of the course.

If you manage to score good grades and have these skills in you, no one can reject you for the job. You will never fail in your career once you have the required set of skills.

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Keeping it simple, I would say I am a simple whacky kid :) whose mind is always open to learn more and more in this expanding universe. Another quality that I possess is- Even when the house is on fire, I try to keep a cool head. I have the right mix of education, creativity, organizational skills and motivation to become a competent professional. I prefer being involved in work rather than just watch it happening.

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