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5 Benefits to Adding Turmeric to Your Diet

Turmeric is a common Indian spice that can provide lots of benefits to the human body. The active chemical in Turmeric is curcumin as well as volatile oils. These two chemicals found in turmeric are known to have benefits in that they help to protect the body against diseases caused by viral and fungal germs. These two chemicals also have antitumor, anti-inflammatory, and nervous system protection abilities. As such, the use of turmeric in your diets is highly recommended. For those people living in New Zealand, they can buy Turmeric NZ from a variety of sources. They will definitely enjoy the spice as well as the many health benefits associated with this commodity.

Here are 5 benefits you get by adding turmeric to your diet:

1. Good for the heart

One of the good things about this spice is that it helps reduce the total cholesterol in the body. The levels of bad cholesterol in the body are also reduced when one uses turmeric in their diets. When the curcumin in the turmeric carries a message in the bloodstream, it stimulates the genes in the liver and commands the liver to produce LDL receptors. Another thing is that curcumin helps prevent LDL oxidation, hence suppressing the production of cholesterol in the blood. All these are good things for a healthy heart.

2. It is anti-inflammation

Turmeric is known to have anti-inflammation capabilities. The fact that it displays a wide spectrum of antioxidant, anti-inflammation and antifungal properties means that it will help the body to calm any inflammation.  It has also been seen to reduce the pain and the inflammation caused by arthritis and painful joints and muscles. It is also known to help heal wounds, bruises as well as suppresses tooth pains and joint pains.

3. It helps fight cancer

Scientific studies done over the last few decades show that curcumin helps fight cancer. Form the research done, there are many ways turmeric helps fight cancer. It has been determined that turmeric helps prevent cancer and stops it from becoming full blown. It also makes chemotherapy much more effective by protecting the cells when one is going through radiation in a chemo session. Curcumin found in turmeric has shown signs slowing down activity in some tumor cells such as those found in digestive cancers and skin cancers among others.

4. It may help to improve memory

It is possible that turmeric helps to improve your memory. From the studies and research done in Asia where this spice is mostly consumed, the people who use this spice scored higher when it comes to cognitive tests when compared to those who did not consume it. Recent findings have corroborated this assertion.

5. Turmeric helps improve the taste of healthy foods

Being a spice, Turmeric is a good way to improve the taste of healthy foods. It can be used to blend foods so that they will be tasty and have the right flavor. When this is added to your healthy foods, you are definitely going to enjoy your meals. It can be added into milk, ketchup, barbecue sauce, and even mustard. All these have health benefits to the body.

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1 Comment

  1. Will

    August 13, 2018 at 7:43 pm

    It’s all about absorption and most products do poorly in this area.

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