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Wholesale Data Centers for Commercial Enterprise Use


Wholesale data center is a modern trend that has changed the way that companies source their data center solutions. The traditional option was the use of shared collocation space in data center facilities. The wholesale service allows the company to lease an entire fully built data center for their own use. This is a service that is targeted at companies that require a large amount of data center resources. In specific terms of power usage, these facilities are suitable for companies who run data related tasks that require, at the very least, one megawatt of power. The reason for the insistence on large companies is that the space can only be leased to one company.

Who provides these facilities?

There are data center service providers who undertake the initial investment costs for setting up the facilities. These companies then rent out their facilities to companies who are interested in setting up their own data management environment. Some of the companies that have actually taken to these solutions are large companies who have subdivisions and subsidiaries under them. This way they are able to pay for one data center that can be used by all of the companies under them.

What are the benefits of wholesale data centers?

Cost effective

Setting up data centers is a hugely capital and time intensive activity for any company to undertake. It is much cheaper to lease wholesale facilities than look for the capital to put up the facility. This makes it a much more affordable choice for companies that are looking for stable performance without increased costs. Furthermore, setting up a data center for a company where data is only considered to be an ancillary matter may be considered as wastage of resources. This is because the cost of setting up, administrating and maintaining the facility will exceed any benefit that the company will get.

Time efficiencies

Wholesale facilities can be setup and ready for use in a matter of months. This is highly efficient when compared to the one and a half to two years that construction of a data center can take for a company. This makes it the preferable solution where the company is operating under a very tight time schedule.

Increased control and security

Data centers provided on the wholesale model are more secure than shared facilities. Furthermore, they provide their users with greater control over the facility which is a useful tool for the company.

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