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The Whiskey Wedge Review

Most men will need frosty and chilling refreshment if the weather is hot to a great degree. However, sometimes the most widely recognized technique to cool the beverage by individuals may not always be sufficient. What we are talking about here is the addition of ice cubes to beverages which comes with the down side of weakening the beverage.

When you include ice cubes in your drinks they will begin liquefying and will change and weaken the flavor of your beverage before you even begin getting a charge out of it. However, it is reasonable to assume that consumers truly would prefer not to weaken their beverages as they need to taste the regular flavors contained therewith. And by the way, why should you compromise on the flavor of your drink?  Its 2016, and you ought to really dispose of these old techniques on account of “The Whiskey Wedge” described in this article.


The Whiskey Wedge is the ideal match of two qualities which individuals need in their beverages; usefulness and style.


We should first discuss usefulness. The Whiskey Wedge is a unique glass which allows users to make an ice slope. This ice slope saves your drink from dilution. This means that the ice slope does not dissolve rapidly but rather gradually chills your drinks. Consequently, you will be able to make the most of your beverage with no apprehension of its weakening. The characteristic taste of the beverage will also stay on account of “The Whiskey Wedge”.



The Whiskey Wedge is an extraordinary and immaculate present for bourbon and scotch lovers. Presently, as described above, you can make the most of your beverages without weakening and changing its flavor. What else would individuals who adore their drinks want? Furthermore, you can utilize this glass in your gatherings, get-togethers and clubs with no pressure of constantly adding ice cubes to the glasses of your visitors and clients.

whiskey wedge2


We describe how this magnificent and remarkable glass really works. Typically, you will be given two pieces of items with every Whiskey Wedge unit. One is a glass and the other is a silicone mold. It is anything but difficult to utilize this unit and yes you definitely know the outcome you will acquire at last i.e. a chilled drink.

As a matter of first importance, insert the silicone mold from the top of your glass and fill the glass with water. This can be done through an opening in the silicone mold. Now, fill the water up to the marked point. Do not overfill it.

Then, store the glass in the freezer for up to four hours or until you need to use it. In the wake of solidifying the glass content, remove the silicone mold with the assistance of the tab which is on the top of the mold or with your fingers.

You will acquire an impeccable slant of ice which won’t effortlessly soften like ice cubes. Now, simply fill the remaining part of the glass with your most loved drink and enjoy.

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