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When to Hire a Professional Plumber

With so many DIY fixes available online, it is easy to repair a clogged pipe or a leaky tap without the help of an expert plumber. However, as much as the tutorials are helpful, some may do more harm than good if there is a huge underlying problem. Therefore, it is good to have a professional plumber within reach should an emergency be beyond you. Some of the circumstances that can warrant you to call in an experienced plumber include the following.

1) Leaky Pipes

The sound of a leaking pipe is not only annoying but also costly as it increases your water consumption. A leaky pipe could need some tightening, but it may not always be the case. High water pressure, corroded pipes, or damaged seals are all likely causes of leakage. Sometimes it could be because the pipes are too old to withstand the pressure or the wear or tear, which means that it may be time for a replacement.

Changes in weather causing extreme temperatures can subject the pipes to expansion and contraction, which can lead to cracking, leaking, and bursting. Whatever the case might be, the earlier you deal with leaking pipes, the better for your pocket and the kinder for the environment. You can hire services like PlumbLine Plumbing to have an expert repair the leaky issues.

2) Low Water Pressure

When you notice the taps in your house are all having an issue with low pressure, it should be a cause for alarm. Inquire from your neighbors if they have the same issue as the area water supplier may be the reason behind it. If it is only your house, there could be an issue with the shutoff valve in the main house, a halfway open water meter valve, or a failing pressure regulator.

There could also be debris, or the water line could be rusty, causing the water to flow slowly. An experienced plumber will help resolve the issue and have your faucets and showerheads working normally.

3) Clogged Drains

Dirt, hair, and food particles can clog the toilet, shower drain, or kitchen sinks. While the situation most times is easily solved by cleaning, it may not always work. You may notice that even after cleaning, the drains still get clogged, which is an indication that an expert eye should fix it.

4) Water Heating Problems

If there is no hot water, or if the water gets too hot or is lukewarm, several reasons could be attributed. The water tank could be faulty, or sediment may have built up, thus absorbing the water heat. A plumber could help diagnose the real problem and help repair it, and the water will start heating up.

5) Water Filter Or Softener Installation

Hard water causes damages to pipes and water heaters, resulting in added expenses since you have to replace the damaged ones. Water filters and softeners are an answer to this problem. You can install them yourself, but the work is too cumbersome, making calling in a plumber the easier option.

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