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When Gadgets Go Wrong: 7 Not So Innovative Tech Gadgets of 2014

We all love a gadget, but we’re probably all a lot better off without these ones.

While 2014 was, for the best part, a stellar year for gadgets, there were some that didn’t quite make the grade. Whether they were unnecessary, unusable or just downright laughable, this year has seen its fair share of technological duds. So we’ve put together a list of them for you! Feel free to laugh, cry and take fair warning from these gadget disasters.


For those who want to turn their workplace into some kind of dystopian nightmare, the RoboThespian couldn’t have come a moment too soon. It can tell jokes, it can do impressions and it can make you feel deeply uncomfortable. For those who are brave enough, here’s a clip. Yes, it’s as creepy as you think it’s going to be.

iPhone keyboards

When you buy a touch-screen phone, you generally buy it because you want to use a touch-screen. Which is why a clip on keyboard for the iPhone feels a little…unnecessary.

Eyelock ID

Biometric security is an innovative kind of technology, so you would assume that something that unlocks your computer if you look at it would be really exciting? Well, we’re sorry to say that it’s not. The Eyelock ID takes less than a second to work, meaning that you only have to look in the direction of your computer to turn it on.


In theory, Mother sounds quite good. It tells you off for eating too much, drinking too much and not exercising enough, all with a smile on its little face. The reality? You want to do all of the aforementioned things to spite it.

ZTE Hotspot Projector

Have you ever wished that your WiFi hotspot was a projector too? Us neither. This combination of these two devices is not only a little bit strange, but completely unnecessary as well.


Keyboards. We use them every day, often becoming so good at typing we can do it without looking. So how about we take that keyboard and completely turn it inside out, placing the keys where you can’t see them? What? What do you mean that isn’t a good idea?

CAT Digital iPad Holder

For those who want to take their iPad everywhere (and we mean everywhere), then the CAT Digital iPad Holder is just the thing for you. Not only does it come on a metal stand so that you can indulge in some hands free tablet use, it also features a toilet roll holder. Yes, really.

We should learn from our mistakes

Hopefully you’ve yet to come into contact with any of these gadgets. Like anything in life, some gadgets are just better than others. While some, with a bit of tweaking, could go on to become more useful, a large number flounder in stores before being taken off of the shelves and consigned to history. This is undoubtedly disappointing for those behind them but it’s an important lesson in what not to design for the rest of us. 2015 will undoubtedly have its own tech disasters – but for now let’s think about the ones from the year just passed.

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Damian Coates is the Commercial Accounts Director for London's leading IT Support companies - Utilize.

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