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What’s in Store for the Wi-Fi Lovers in Near Future?

It hasn’t been that long since Wi-Fi technology has turned up a connective tissue, binding digital lifestyle. But it has already allowed us to push the limits of wireless technology and imagine possibilities of a proper Internet of Things. Wi-Fi networks are all pervasive now. Though it was once limited to business or home, these networks have now invaded shopping malls, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, sports stadiums, and more to cater to the growing number of mobile device users.

The mobile world fueling professional and personal lives continually grows and the devices that we hold are filled with apps and functionality that we devour with endless appetite.

Consumer Expectation of Mobility

Our expectation grows every time we enjoy a good mobile experience. We believe that the experience that we enjoy at home must be replicated wherever we go. And these should include places like schools, hotels, coffee shops, hospitals, stadiums, and, of course, the workplace. We believe that Wi-Fi will be simple, fast, and smart to make life of the users as easy as changing a channel on the television to find something worthwhile to watch.

New devices, alterations in consumer behavior and technological advances are changing the mobile market and customer expectations of mobility. A recent study on mobile consumers reveals how much and how fast the world of mobile devices is changing. This survey brings forth a few startling revelations about the activities done on mobile devices, the way they are made use of, and the techniques in which they are connected to the Internet.

Growth is Expected in the Global Wi-Fi Market

The global Wi-Fi market is predicted to grow from $12.89 Billion to $26.19 Billion by 2019. In terms of market and region size, North America is expected to be the biggest market. The report also expects Latin America and Asia Pacific to experience enhanced market traction during this period. The report also points out that the access points and the wireless hotspot gateways segments are expected to witness significant growth in the near future. One of the most significant factors driving the Wi-Fi market is the growing use of the smart devices for both personal as well as business purposes. So, this growth is anticipated to create a huge demand for Wi-Fi zones in the residential buildings, enterprises, public spaces, as well as in-rail and in-flight transportation. This is also driving the government of several countries, such as Greece and others, to announce projects that will help the citizens get free public Wi-Fi in future.

Predictions for Future

Wi-Fi is already here and now needs to be considered as the true partner to traditional cellular. So what does the future has in store for it?

Some of these are surely on the cards.

  • Omnipresent

Though it may not be found on the mountain tops, along highways or remote locations, it will be available in most locations where we spend time in, like offices, homes, shopping malls, sports facilities, hospitals, and so on.

  • Part of Business Expenditures

Just like lighting and heating, the customers of restaurants, retailers, sports venues and other organizations will expect Wi-Fi connectivity. Thus, the agencies that do not come with such a provision run the risk of losing out on customer satisfaction.

  • Free of Cost Connectivity

The bar has already been set. With the exception of a few venues like hotels, the customers will expect its inclusion as a part of overall service.

  • Inclusion in Indoor Mobile Coverage

With the mobile battle moving indoors, Wi-Fi as well as Wi-Fi calling will be vital ways for the mobile operators to enhance indoor coverage.

  • Betterment of Public Wi-Fi

With the growth in customer demand and expectations, the public hotspots will require upgraded infrastructure to move beyond the initial trial phase.

  • New Monetization Models Adopted by Business

With public Wi-Fi being available essentially free of charge, businesses will be looking forward to the new monetization models like advertising as well as advanced location-based services to recover the Wi-Fi network charges.

It is good news for all who are addicted to the internet. The world is being blanketed by Wi-Fi, with a research showing that there is one public hotspot for 150 people. Despite advancements made in mobile data technology, we await Wi-Fi to offer cheap as well as speedy connections. And it won’t take much of a time to get these as well.

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Steven Scheck is the Principal of Inspire WiFi, the nationwide leader of multifamily wifi and healthcare wifi. When he isn't bringing Wi-Fi to the masses, he enjoys spending time and traveling with his wife and 4 kids and occasionally gets in a round of golf. He is also very involved in philanthropic causes in Miami and nationally.

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