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What will AI do to help Indian EdTech

EdTech, which is formally known as Education technology, is the practice of deploying technology to impart education. The education industry has always been a forward-thinking one that has never shied away from using new technologies. The student body has, typically, been even more eager to do so. This is why we have seen so much
technology incorporated into the learning process, over the last 20 years. These range from simple tools, such as search engines, to highly specialized training tools and applications. The next big step in EdTech is most likely to come from artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will make EdTech more efficient and adaptable. This will help EdTech transcend socio-economic, cultural, and geographic boundaries; to take quality education to the most
remote corners of the world. This will prove to be a great boon to India, where such boundaries have always been a serious hindrance to disseminating education. Here are some of the major advantages that artificial intelligence
will give to EdTech.

The Capacity for Adaptive Learning

Every student is an individual, with their own unique capacity for grasping different subjects. This, in turn, means that they all have their own unique learning needs. Educators have always been aware of this fact and have always tried to ensure that they can match all of their students’ needs. However, time constraints have always prevented them from addressing all of their students’ concerns. Advanced AI solutions can provide an answer. They can analyze a student’s behaviour and then modify the learning module to suit that student’s requirements. This way; each
student can have an individualized learning module, without the educators having to make one for all of them.

Allowing for More Time to Be Spent on Core Work

EdTech solutions can greatly reduce the amount of time that educators spend on chores. Soon, all of the time-consuming day to day tasks that take up the educators’ time will be fully automated. Even grading tasks will be handled through EdTech. Objective type questions can, and have been, graded through EdTech; for quite some time
now. Soon, with the help of AI solutions, we will be able to do the same with subjective type questions.

Analytics-Based Career Guidance

There are certain, advanced, algorithms that can analyze an individual’s skills and interests. They can then map their findings, across the skills and aptitude needed for various different careers. In this way, these algorithms can help one see just how well or how poorly their career choices are. These EdTech solutions will soon be widespread in the field of career guidance.

Developing Collaborative Toolsare

With the help of AI; we will be able to build specialized tools for collaborating with people, across the steepest of barriers. These tools will let us collaborate on educational pursuits, just as easily as we do on leisure pursuits.

Classrooms Will Adopt EdTech

It would be inaccurate to suggest that EdTech will simply replace the physical classroom. There are many life skills that can only be learned through direct interaction with one’s peers and teachers. Rather, the traditional classrooms will come to adopt more and more EdTech solutions. This will increase their efficiency, facilitate the

The above article has been inspired by the thoughts of Mr Mayank Srivastava. He is the Founder of Experts’ Global, one of the world’s leading EdTech firms in the field of GMAT prep and MBA admission

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The Founder of Experts’ Global. Boston University MBA on 100% scholarship; call holder from premium global schools, ISB, IIMs; top performer on GMAT, CAT, and GRE; gifted with extraordinary numerical and analytical skills. Before establishing a team at Experts', he, single-handedly, trained 3,000+ students on test-prep and helped 300+ students in their successful applications to the world’s most eminent institutions.

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