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What to Renovate Before a Big Spring Wedding in Oklahoma

Whether you live in Oklahoma, or plan to move there after your wedding, it can help to prepare and renovate your home before the big day. We’re walking through some of the essential renovations and upgrades you should look into.

Spring is almost here, and for anyone planning a wedding, you know that it’s not the time to plan and perfect things. If you’re planning to get married in the next few months, the chances are that everything is already underway and all that’s left are a few minor and last-minute changes, additions and finishing touches. You know, the important details you wouldn’t want to miss.

You’d be surprised by how many things go unnoticed till it’s too late, which is why this article is going to go over some of the most essential home renovations, replacements, and upgrades before a wedding. This is especially important because spring in Oklahoma can often come with tornadoes, and you may not get enough time to prepare later in the season.

Here are some of the most important upgrades, homeowners in Oklahoma should invest in before their big day:

Fix up what you already have at home

It’s important to start with what you already have, and sometimes, the easiest thing to do is to fix things up. If you’re dealing with broken and damaged wall hangings, old furniture, or bathrooms and kitchen items that need repairs, get to those before anything else.

This will help you save effectively and realize where you should direct more funds. The bathroom and kitchen, thanks to water pipes and taps, are especially prone to mold, mildew, and build-up. Look into removal and cleaning services, replace leaky faucets and any other essential remodels you need.

It also helps to get started on this as soon as possible, given that they’re some of the most important rooms in a house, and you’ll want them to be functional for when you’re living there with your partner. There are also some bathroom improvements that are more elaborate but definitely worth it, such as textured shower flowers, new bathtubs, etc.

Repaint the whole house or key areas

A paint job is one of the most fundamental home improvements you can make to your home, especially without breaking the bank!

Depending on your budget and how much time you have, you can repaint your entire home, going room by room to change the color or focusing on a few key areas of the house. Key areas can include the exterior—which is especially helpful if you’re hosting part of your wedding at home—master bedroom, living room, and a couple of other spaces where you’ll spend the most time or host people.

Choose high-quality paint that is suited to Oklahoman weather, including thunderstorms, snow, tornadoes, and dust in the summer, and colors that truly reflect your tastes. You don’t have to choose a cream living room theme because it’s en vogue if you’d rather have blue!

Upgrade kitchen and home appliances

A great investment for home renovations and upgrades is to switch out old appliances for new ones. If you’re buying a new home, find out which appliances, if any, are included and whether they’re functional. Otherwise, swap out your outdated, old- fashioned appliances for better quality, more energy-efficient, and multi-functional options.

New appliances can also be added through your wedding registry so friends and family may help you achieve that goal of adding high-quality appliances to your home. Thismay have to wait till after the wedding, but you can always research and pick out what you need!

Replace exterior and interior old doors

While seemingly negligible, investing in entry doors Oklahoma City can be a gamechanger for your home. Not only do they look fabulous, but they’re also sturdy, well-designed, and can transform your home in a jiffy.

You can browse through Pinky’s Iron Doors’ collections of wrought iron doors, steel doors, and glass doors and find which best suits your needs. Replacing the doors and window frames of your home can instantly give it a newer, fresher feel, boost curb appeal and property value at a fraction of a cost of a major remodel.

Investing in new doors before a wedding is almost symbolic, but more literally, it’s a chance to focus on details and personalize your home in every way. It’s also a great investment in terms of safety and security, in addition to the aesthetic appeal.

A pro-tip would be to get a glass patio door if you’re hosting a reception or wedding party in your backyard or patio, so guests have a beautiful entrance through the back. It’ll also come in handy for your romantic date nights!

Build a deck, porch, or patio for your home

Speaking of patios, if you don’t already have one, build one! You can build a patio, a deck, or even a porch for your home and enjoy extra seating space. Patios and decks are perfect for hanging out together or with your friends and family members and don’t have to cost a lot. Enjoy the gorgeous Oklahoma weather from the comfort of your home whenever you like.

It’s also a great place to host your wedding reception or various types of parties, so you’re bound to make the most of it during your special day too!

Focus on the master bedroom significantly

It’s understandable that you may not have an extensive budget when paying for a wedding, and of course, dealing with all the expenses of day-to-day life. However, if you had to really choose where to focus, it should be your master bedroom. It’s the space you’ll share with your partner and it should be special. Focus on the décor, cleaning, organization, and make sure it’s someplace you’d both enjoy, so get both of your input.

Keep the theme neutral, fill it with personal mementoes and important décor pieces, photographs, and great quality bed linens, cushions, and more. The rest of your home can be upgraded bit by bit!

Wedding planning is stressful, to say the least. So much of the focus is drawn away from the marriage to the wedding, but that’s why a home renovation can be a good thing. It pushes you to think about your lives together as a couple!

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Samatha Greene is an interior décor and lifestyle enthusiast who loves to write about weddings, parties, décor, design, and much more. She has worked as part of a wedding planning company and has recently become a stay-at-home mom while retaining her interests in these fields.

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