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What Makes Kona Bean Special?

Kona Coffee is widely considered as the best and popular Hawaiian coffee. It is prepared by 100% Kona beans. Kona beans are grown especially on 2 slopes of volcanoes in Hawaii. The first is, Mauna Lao and the second is Hualalai. Kona Coffee’s demand started in 1917.

There are a lot of reasons why Kona beans are so special:


The unique thing about Kona coffee is that it grows best in high temperatures around 70-degree centigrade. Other types of coffee beans can grow in low temperatures or in winters, but Kona beans cannot grow at low temperatures.


We already know that Kona beans are cultivated at high altitudes, about 2,000 to 3,000 feet-high slope of volcanoes. It gives a mild taste as compare to other coffee beans.

Dry soil:

Dry soil is considered an important factor for the cultivation of Kona beans. As we know the soil of Hawaii is very fertile, it has good water drainage. It means that the soil of this region is very good for the cultivation of Kona beans.


Kona beans like the dry season for optimum growth. As volcanic slopes go do not get a lot of rain that’s why it grows best in this place. Kona beans do not like its roots wet with water.

Here are some tasteful Hawaiian Kona Coffee brands:

1. Blue Horse Dark Roast Whole Bean 100% Kona Coffee:

Blue Horse Kona Coffee is made up of 100% pure Kona beans. It is very attractive and roasted coffee. It is best for both normal coffee takers as well as those who take many cups of coffee per day. It is an expensive coffee because it is prepared by 100% Kona beans and Hawaiian origin. Its taste is mild but superb for casual coffee takers. You will surely like this coffee. 454 gram of Kona Coffee is enough for one month if you are a casual coffee taker.

2. Kona Gold Extra Fancy 100% Kona coffee:

This coffee is famous for its beautiful aroma and excellent taste. This award-winning coffee consists of medium to dark roast beans. It is considered one of the best grade coffees. It has an extra Fancy label, its smoothness makes it attractive and expensive. In order to preserve its aroma, the coffee is air roasted.

3. Kona Coffee Medium Dark Roast Whole Bean By Imagine:

Imagine is one of the best coffee brands in the market. It is sweet in taste. This Kona coffee is free from acidic taste. This product contains less than 8% damaged Kona beans. The best thing about this coffee is, it is sun-dried not drum dried. This is one of the best plus points. It is grown under all optimum conditions but it is very expensive.

4. Kona Bean Co. Dark Roast 100% Kona Coffee:

Kona Bean Co. is famous for Kona coffee. This company also uses the best Kona beans for Coffee. The beans are sun-dried in order to maintain its flavor and aroma. It is available at affordable prices. That’s why its demand and purchase is high. 227 gram of Kona Coffee is available in a single pack. Packing is air-tight and it can be stored easily.

5. Hualalai Estate Medium Dark Roast Whole Bean Kona Coffee:

The Hualalai Kona bean coffee is grown on the volcanic slopes of Hawaii. This coffee is made up of 100% high-grade Kona bans. It is free of chemical substances. It is prepared on all optimum conditions, in order to preserve the taste and aroma of the coffee. Inside the packet of coffee, you will find medium to dark roasted Kona beans which are very delicious. It is 100% real with strong aromatic taste but its packet only contains 198.5 grams of Kona beans.

6. Royal Kona Whole Bean 100% Kona Coffee:

It is famous due to smooth taste because it is prepared by medium roasted Kona beans. It has an effective and attractive price. It is most reasonable prices Kona coffee among all the described coffees. It has an extra fancy label so it is most colored coffee you can probably find. It is also made up of 100% Kona beans. The best thing about Royal Kona Whole Bean Coffee is that it is easy to grind by hand, but the negative point of this coffee is that it has not that level of aroma.

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