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What Is SSD Hosting?

There are many web hosting solutions that are available in the industry today and one of the most popular is SSD hosting. SSD hosting is a reliable and fast web hosting solution that uses solid state drive (SSD) to accelerate access to your website. The great speed and security of this type of web hosting often gives inspiration to individuals and businesses. Infact, if you compare SSD technology with the traditional HDD technology you will see a huge difference between the two.

Why Use SSD Hosting?

The solid state drive is made up of microchips which keeps information in a stable memory chip that does not contain moving parts. This is opposite to what HDD’s are made of. Compared to SSD, the mechanical components of HDD may restrict computer speed, consume a lot of power and are more prone to various damages. However, if you use SSD hosting, you can ensure durability, less power consumption and efficient performance. With the new and reliable microchip technology used in SSD you can guarantee that SSD web hosting is secure.

Furthermore, SSD cloud web hosting has many advantages over traditional web hosting. It provides a higher data transfer speed since it has no moving parts which usually reduce performance. For any organization or business that uses web hosting and web-based applications, SSD is of extreme importance. Indeed, SSD provides efficiency in performance, protection and security from disasters which may be cause by worms, viruses, hardware crash, network failures and others.

How To Obtain SSD Web Hosting

SSD web hosting can be provided by a legitimate web hosting service provider. If you start to look for a company online check for a company that does not only offer SSD hosting but also other hosting services such as the following;

  • WordPress hosting -€“ the leading open source blogging engine that powers up about 90 percent of the blogs online.
  • Joomla hosting -€“ is a content management solution that enables businesses and individuals to keep track of their website’€™s content.
  • Drupal hosting -€“ this web hosting solution will ensure your online presence without interruption.

Once you have purchased a SSD hosting plan, in the service provided, check if they also provide some of the advance technologies that you can use to optimize your website like Cloudflare CDN with an advanced firewall to protect and speed up your website as well as SSD with RAID 10 storage which also provides great increase in the speed of performance while supplying a reliable back up.

To conclude, when using SSD web hosting, you can guarantee sufficient disk space and better data transfer rate than traditional hosting solution. This is ideal for larger organizations who host many files, images and pages. With a reliable hardware system like SSD, you can easily manage huge volumes of traffic on your website.

Parker is a WordPress blogger and a webmaster. He uses SSD hosting to ensure security and high performance of his website. He was able to take advantage of the great hosting services of Layer Online which are offered at reasonable prices.

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Carla Wilson is a social media marketing expert, who has been making use of various social platforms for variety of reasons. He gives wonderful social media tips for increasing Twitter followers and Facebook likes.



  1. Sriniwas

    March 3, 2014 at 4:28 pm

    Nice Post! SSD hosting is popular among all other hosting because of it reliability and speed.

  2. Krati

    July 22, 2015 at 11:01 am

    Very informative post on SSD hosting. SSD web hosting is the best option if you want your website to run at super-fast speeds. It provides great website performance, super-fast speed and ultimately an awesome user experience. But, as you have mentioned, the WordPress websites should use SSD powered WordPress hosting and not normal SSD hosting.

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