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What Is Facebook Timeline and How Can It Help Boost Online Business?

Facebook is not only a place for getting new friends or staying in touch with the good old ones but is also a way for businesses to beat the competition since more and more people are getting used to social media. When you advertise on Facebook, you are sure to get more revenues and thus save you from working hard on getting income streams in less than a month.

Facebook continues to grow and change, as a business, it is important that you also keep up with this change. Facebook is a powerful social media which can help boost your business success. There are almost 800 million Facebook users all over the world and any of them could be your potential customers.

Introduction to Facebook’s Timeline

Facebook’s timeline is the new Facebook profile. It arranges your content in a chronologically arranged timeline which keeps track of your activity in Facebook from the recent ones until on first time you have joined in Facebook. In a business, it will help customers learn more about your company and the product being sold by creating a chronological arrangement of company history or recent events.

What has changed before timeline?

No more generating likes because with Timeline will not show any “liked” page thus the method before is not as effective as it is today. Instead of producing like, make a news feed that is well worth watching or reading to reach out the information and the product to many Facebook users.

Another advantage of Facebook’s timeline is that the visual look of the Timeline page is very inviting to the customers. Add a very wonderful timeline base picture and you are sure to entice customers to be curious about your business.

The marketing edge

Since Timeline is a new thing in Facebook, businesses will have to try, and  get a more developed approach into Facebook to help get their internet marketing to a success. Most people and businesses do not like how this Timeline is working, so take this as an advantage to develop a campaign in which it will be a competitive edge against your competitors. Here are some ways to get that marketing edge through Facebook timeline.

The cover photo

The cover photo is 840 x 310 pixels, which is enough to make a statement out of your business. Remember that Facebook do not allow promotional or banner ads in this cover photo so think of it as a more creative way to define your business in this cover photo. Like, for example, events or gathering that have happened just recently to let people know how legal and active your business is.

The subscribe feature With this feature, people won’t worry too much about the news feed of your business because it is always featured in the news feed, thus, the information you are conveying will not be forgotten nor removed. Therefore, you can have more loyal customers than before.


Facebook’s timeline is a new feature that the company are experimenting on the users in which whether they like it or not, this feature stays. Even though average users have been complaining about the constant changes they have, moreover, the invasion of every user’s privacy people still cannot delete their account in this social media. It is no doubt that businesses will adopt this feature with ease so before they start liking this feature, be one of the first to harness its potential.

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