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What is Cloud Telephony Solution and Who can use ?

There has been so much buzz about cloud telephony recently. And let me tell you if you are thinking about simplifying your business communication then there is no better option than a cloud telephony solution.

70% of customers still communicate with a business via call rather than any other medium. In this digital economy Phones are still the best way to reach anyone.

So why not communicate easily with cloud telephony?

Here is the time to switch from your old EPBX lines to a Cloud-based Pbx System business communication solution.

What is Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony is the real solution for you to stop old phone lines and your whole company contact is converted to the cloud.

Known as hosted telephony, it is primarily applied back to telecommunications, switching, and storage systems, which are operated by third parties outside of the company running them, and are accessed through the public Internet and replaced traditional business telephone equipment such as a PBX system, Hosted IVR.

Companies can cut costs with cloud communications services without sacrificing features.

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a rise in customer service demands over the telephone. Sadly, several businesses are faced with challenges – especially now. Our most recent Snapshot Research shows that clients want to speak to an empathic person who can solve their problems easily with personal contact. Telephone numbers are also the number one form by which baby boomers request service.

Despite the demand of the consumer for telephone assistance, many companies are now struggling to provide reliable and high-quality services. The COVID-19 pandemic forced some businesses (Contact Center Solutions) to close offshore telephone calls, as there was no network to enable agents to work from home. As a cost-saving measure, other businesses had to reduce telephone service hours. Therefore, several organizations have no solution to allow remote agents to process calls efficiently nor the framework to provide insights into the efficiency of agents.

Who can use Cloud Telephony?


A call management framework is a concern for startups. And the key problem is the expense of these devices. In addition, a missed call can be a business loss for every new startup.

We will reduce connectivity costs by 80 percent with the aid of cloud telephony.

It gives them the ability to use fewer resources on calls, provided that all calls are registered and stored in a dashboard. Several calls were missed and no customers were lost.

Small Businesses

Small businesses with old EPBX lines lose several customers due to telecom failure. And when the lines start running again, there is no set time.

Robust infrastructure and no fixed line are used for cloud telephony. Contact with customers is still up and running.

Via cloud telephony, small businesses can boost their customer base by developing a company greeting and using a global brand image.

Using virtual telephone numbers along with your standard telephone system to give your organization a presence other than in cities and countries you call home

Big Enterprises

To large businesses, customer service is a huge concern.

Cloud telephony will boost the brands’ customer experience, as it has all the routing, routing, and Call Center configuration functionality.

Brands can quickly analyze and take action to enhance consumer contact.

We can easily assess the output of an agent on calls with the help of an analytical dashboard.

It is easy to incorporate cloud telephony into CRM, enabling brands to evaluate customer behavior and hold records for potential discussions.

Organizations may turn to a cloud-named center and call the facility with a centralized operations center at different locations.

Government Organizations

Any government contact center is still difficult to access.

Since it doesn’t have a certain number and even people are confused about where to call. In government agencies, telecom lines never operate with old infrastructure’s courtesy.

To governments as well as individuals, cloud telephony may be a savior.

Such departments can use a clean call management program without heavy investment.

The complaint management process can be simplified by using a virtual number with several extensions.

The respective departments and officials will pass calls.

Cloud telephony may be a government-led revolution

Which Sectors Are Already Using It

  • Finance
  • Automobile
  • Education
  • Tours & Travel
  • IT industry
  • Consultancy
  • Agriculture
  • Customer Service sector
  • Heath/Hospital
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment / Media
  • Advertisement/ Marketing
  • Government sectors

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