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What is a White Label Crowdsourcing Platform and What Can it Do?

Crowdsourcing is an excellent way to get a revolutionary idea rolling, but what if you want to start your own platform for it? Read on to find out more info.

There have always been two kinds of people in this world: people with great ideas, and investors. Of course, some people are lucky, and they have enough money to fund their own innovations, but the vast majority of inventions wouldn’t have been made in the first place without financial backing.

Thankfully, we live in a day and age where there are so many different ways to invest and benefit from investments. The use of the internet means that people from all over the world can see the ideas of others and judge them based purely off of their own merit, and crowdfunding is the main embodiment of this.

Over the course of today’s guide, we’re going to be talking about white label crowdsourcing, which is a particular form of crowdfunding platform that allows you to get started far quicker. If you want to learn more about how white label crowdsourcing works, then bear with us.

White Label Crowdsourcing Platforms vs. Traditional Crowdsourcing Platform

First off, you have to understand the difference between a platform that is white label and one that is made regularly, as these are two very different kinds of crowdfunding sites. A typical site will be built from scratch with code that is unique to that particular crowdfunding initiative.

On the other hand, white label crowdfunding sites will all use the same basic template, as you can buy them directly from developers. Of course, to ensure that all white label crowdfunding sites don’t end up being the same, there are some crucial variables that are adjusted for each customer.

This allows clients to get a working crowdfunding site with a minimum of effort, and they will still get a product that is personalized for their needs. From the developer’s standpoint, they don’t have to put in a huge amount of work, and the client will still end up getting something they’re satisfied with.

Why Use a White Label Solution?


One of the more evident reasons to use a white label crowdsourcing platform is because it will be simpler and more affordable than building an entire site yourself. White label sites are so attractive because they don’t take much work besides the initial effort of creating the template in the first place.

Adjusting variables and personalizing the site is a process which is relatively straightforward, so in the end, you won’t have to pay for too much work to be done.


Another advantage to white label crowdsourcing is that you can get your business off the ground far faster, as you won’t have to wait for a full website to be created. There is also the benefit that white label developers are often rather tight-lipped, ensuring that word won’t get out before your business is ready.


For most people, a white label solution for crowdsourcing will be more than sufficient, and it will also be quicker and more affordable. We wish you luck in any upcoming crowdfunding projects you may have in store!

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