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10 Top-Rated Magento Extensions to Boost Your E-commerce Efficiency

Are you creating an e-commerce website using the Magento framework? Magento is undoubted, the best framework that covers all the necessary features in one place, turning out to be a one-stop business solution for your e-commerce business. While Magento itself is powerful enough packed with all the fine functionalities, there is a need for installing some Magento Extensions to create a more flexible and impactful online business.

Magento Extensions are open-source e-commerce solutions, mainly used to enhance the e-commerce efficiency and productivity by imparting reliable, cost-effective and customizable features. To cater to the needs of the huge market, many Magento development companies use a plethora of strong Magento extensions and other custom Magento development services to boost up the user-experience and develop a successful online business.

Given below are some ultimate Magento extensions that not only grow and optimize customer traffic on your website but also aid in expanding and flourishing your business-

Blog Magento Extension: One of the best ways to increase the productivity of an online business includes, the creation of a blog. It can be easily done using a blog Magento extension. It is a perfect way to update your customers regarding the upcoming products to be added, any new promotional announcements to be made or just silently attract new visitors to increase sales. Regular blogs can turn out to be a convenient way to help in adding value to your e-commerce store. Also, you may work on increasing their visibility by following proper SEO methodologies.

Yotpo: It is one of the exclusively used Magento extensions that is advantageous in providing transparency in the product’s quality through the addition of valuable ratings, reviews and feedbacks by the customers who already use them. This simple Magento extension helps in serving the customers by its unique feature that makes the customers sure about the product’s usefulness or worth-buying capabilities. The customers are drawn to this feature as they do not have to look for the product’s reviews anywhere else.

Single Step Checkout Extension: This checkout extension is a must-have feature to boost customer experience if a customer has once filled the checkout details and delivery address. It allows easy sign-in and cart filing which further proceeds to a one-step checkout having all the necessary checkout details automatically filled on a single page. Not only this, this extension comes in handy in multiple languages and supports more than 42 payment methods. Every online business must hire a Magento developer or an expert Magento development company to supplement their e-commerce store with this crucial extension.

Out of Stock Notification Extension: This extension is a blessing in disguise as it helps the customers by notifying them about the products that get out of stock. It is a user-centric extension and plays a pivotal role in enhancing. You may hire a Magento developer who can integrate these notifications for both the business owner as well as the customers about the status of the unavailability of a product’s stock.

Custom Contact Form Magento Extension: Although Magento comes with an in-built contact form feature; however to get some advanced features like quick, editable and responsive contact form fields, improved security with Google Captcha facility, easy replying to the customer queries and many more, use of some freely available effective contact form Magento extensions are made. These not only help to reach out to the customers in a secure way but also helps in keeping a complete track of all the customer queries.

FAQ Extension: This is an essential extension and must be integrated as the main feature while the business owner comes in contract with a Magento development company to develop the complete online store. Besides imparting convenience and ease of service, the customers are engaged in a hassle-free shopping experience. It is thus, a necessary guide for the customers and is valuable to augment sales and generate higher revenue.

Top Paid Magento Extensions to Consider in 2018

Magento Social Connect Extension: Nowadays, when everything is being connected to the social media platforms, it is mandatory to connect your e-commerce store with social platforms like Google, Facebook etc. Not only does the extension add social icons to your e-commerce store but also enhance user functionalities as the user can easily register without facing any trouble. In addition to this, customers can also register at the final checkout time.

Magic Zoom Extension: Customers focus on the products images very seriously as they want the exact product as the image displays. Among all other custom Magento development services, this magic zoom extension zooms the area over the product’s image over which the user hovers upon and provides excellent clarity of the product’s quality. It thus, helps the user make notable differences between various types of products and makes the intricate details clearly visible.

MageMob App Builder: Do you have a Magento website all ready? Now, using this amazing App builder extension, the whole website can be converted into an application easily and quickly that will provide all the features of the online store packed into the customized app. However, it is recommended to assign this work to a professional Magento development company that will take care of the website as well as make sure that all the features get covered in the app built using this extension.

Custom Daily Deal Extension: This wonderful extension works its magic to take care of the customers as it attracts them with daily offers and deals that will be beneficial in generating a good revenue and creates a reliability towards the e-commerce store in the eyes of the customers. Who doesn’t like a discounted price? Thus, you must integrate this daily deal extension to make sure your customers are satisfied with your service.

While there are many other Magento extensions for any specific functionality, but using these extensions will surely lead to a scalable, SEO-friendly and user-centric Magento e-commerce solution. Also, it will have a way to a global reach of the store besides assured user-experience.

Pixlogix Infotech is one such Magento Development Company that offers Magento ecommerce designing and development services as per the unique client’s requirements.

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