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What Hardware do you Need for your Business Phone System?

Integrating a new phone hardware system doesn’t need to be the complicated task that it’s made out to be. With the likes of the Horizon Phone System by Gamma, customers can easily make that transition from a hardware-based communication system to a software-based digital system, improving efficiencies and allowing you to get the most from your business. This article will provide the information necessary for those important integration periods and how to get the most out of your communication systems. Whether you’re looking already or not, this could be just the thing for you.

What hardware do you need for your business phone system?

Long gone are the days of spending excessive amounts on phone hardware for each and every member of staff. The chances are that each member of staff already has a computer or laptop and access to a good Wi-Fi connection. Moving to a cloud-based system such as the Horizon phone system eradicates the need for expensive hardware throughout the office, saving you money on both electricity and allowing you to generate some much-needed storage space. Cloud-based business phone systems operate within the cloud, meaning that as long as you have the log in information, you’ll be able to access the software via any phone, computer, or other devices with wi-fi capabilities.

How to reduce phone system hardware overheads

Switching to a software-based phone system is a superb way of reducing the overheads in your office. Software systems eradicate the requirement of expensive hardware and the mass of wires that can occur in our office spaces. Not only does a cloud-based communications system provide a more welcoming working space, but the improved communication efficiencies and economies of scale that can be generated through making the move online are a superb way of generating cost-savings when it comes to your hardware overheads.

What is the Horizon Phone System?

The horizon based phone system from Gamma provides businesses with a wide selection of fixed telephony business communication services that eradicates the need for hardware and modernises your business’s communication methods into the 21st century. Maintenance is managed by a team of regulators who work around the clock to get you up and running and ensure that no call is missed. The Horizon phone system provides your staff with the ability to dial in to their office calls and important business meetings wherever they are, creating a method of working that’s a lot more progressive than being cooped up inside

A cloud-based phone system from Gamma is the latest innovation to sweep the business world. While providing wholesale efficiencies across the board in areas that make the most difference, Horizon allows departments and customers to communicate effectively at a cost-effective price. There’s no need to ever miss a phone call again, the system manages and tracks every call making it easier to get back to your customers and provide those high levels of customer service we all strive for as business owners.

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