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How an eCommerce-Based Business Can Stand Apart in its Product Niche

Ecommerce is one of the largest industries around the world with products being shipped in the billions daily. Standing apart in this industry can mean incredibly monetary rewards in this worldwide industry. There are plenty of best practices in terms of eCommerce businesses like that of not launching too quickly. Consumers tend to return to a site far less if it made their computer freeze or moves painstakingly slow. Taking a reactive approach to problems is a recipe for disaster as the business does not want to give customers any reason to start shopping elsewhere.

Discounts for those that Left Products in their Cart

Converting sales that are stuck in the funnel is done in all niches of business. Sending out discounts or coupons for a specific item can convince a customer to complete the transaction. There is no guarantee that this will work but it will increase the chances of the business closing the sale. Having a person or program that automatically discounts an item based on a profit margin can be a huge help. Automating this will save on costs and take out the element of human error. People want to feel like they are getting the best deal possible and this coupon can convert in large percentages of sales.

Video Tutorials to Answer FAQs

Video tutorials for specific products that might be difficult to figure out or are unique and important. Showing someone how to clean something rather than just telling them will help a larger range of buyers. SVG animation on a page is a great touch but make sure to keep page loading times very fast. Doing small things like this animation can help an eCommerce business stand apart from other sites in their eCommerce niche. The user experience of the customer still needs to be taken into consideration as a sleek-looking online store is more fun to shop on than one that looks like it was built in the early 1990s.

Customer Service Being Superior and Easy to Deal With

There are going to be times when a delivery is late even with the best shipping and logistics professionals on your team. Customer service can easily help retain customers but offering them remedies as well as a compassionate ear. Most people that are upset about a product being late for delivery just want to have their grievance heard. Social media is a place where a customer service rep should always be monitoring as many people voice their problems publicly. This is a perfect opportunity to salvage a customer relationship as well as show their followers the level of customer service the company offers.

Find a Wholesaler to Drive Product Prices Down

Partnering with a wholesaler is what many dropshipping professionals do on a daily basis. This can allow for the wholesaler to have the inventory and to handle the logistics of shipping. For smaller eCommerce businesses this is a great option but you have to make sure to partner with a reliable wholesaler. The right partners are not going to run out of inventory or lose a delivery in transit. These wholesalers will be an extension of the eCommerce business but choosing a quality product is another battle that has to be won.

Standing out in the eCommerce industry can bring in profits at very high levels. Keep the focus on making the customer happy with their entire buying process. People return to eCommerce sites that they have had success with in the past instead of investigating other options. Make sure customers never have a reason to start looking for another eCommerce site as customer retention is huge in the eCommerce niche.

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