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What are the Various ITIL®️ 4 Certification Costs?

Here’s a brief guide to the costs involved in the ITIL®️ 4 certification;

The ITIL®️ 4 Certification

ITIL®️ 4 Certification is the most popular and globally acknowledged IT Service Management methodology available to IT professionals. This latest evolution of the ITIL®️ framework is designed to align with the existing ITIL®️ 3 and help practitioners develop their skills and expertise.

Now the important question is what is ITIL®️ 4 certification cost? How much does the entire certification costs? Are the costs involved with the ITIL®️ 4 certification worth the returns? It is wise to address these questions before opting for the ITIL®️ 4 Foundation course and exam. Keep reading to learn more about the ITIL®️ 4 Certification cost.

The Components of ITIL®️ 4 Certification Cost

The ITIL®️ 4 certification cost consists of two major components –

  • The exam cost
  • The training cost

The ITIL®️ 4 certification exam cost is a given. If you are deciding to join an ITIL®️ 4 Certification training then you need to add the training cost to the ITIL®️ 4 certification total cost.

The other cost components you should consider in the ITIL®️ 4 certification cost

Apart from the ITIL®️ 4 exam and training costs, there are other existing cost components. Let’s explore the other and alternative cost components you should know regarding the ITIL®️ 4 certification costs.

  • ITIL®️ Study Guide – An ITIL®️ Study Guide always comes handy in the ITIL®️ 4 certification process. The guide offers crucial information and clears most of your queries regarding the examination and the learning process. Thus, it is highly advised to purchase an ITIL®️ Study Guide. If you have not considered the ITIL®️ 4 certification training, then this guide can be really helpful for your self-study.

For the ITIL®️ 4 Foundation, it is not compulsory to attend any ITIL®️ training. A prominent paperback edition of the ITIL®️ Study Guide may cost around $30. On the other hand, obtaining a soft copy will significantly reduce the ITIL®️ certification cost.

  • ITIL®️ Practice Tests – Practice is an important element of ITIL®️ 4 Foundation exam preparation. The exam consists of an exhaustive syllabus, and preparing beforehand increases your chances of clearing the exam in the first attempt.

You need a solid study plan for the best results. So, what should you include in your study plan?

Practice Tests

Practice tests are a great medium to learn about the exam structure and the type of questions appearing in the exam. Many professional ITIL®️ Certification exam portals charge you around $25-50 for acquiring their practice papers. But several portals offer free practice tests and sample paper for ITIL®️ 4 Foundation.

Hence, choose wisely and you can try bringing down the ITL®️ 4 certification cost by trying the popular free full-length practice tests. These practice tests are necessary in case you are not attending any professional ITIL®️ certification training from a training provider. You can also get the practice paper from the training provider.

ITIL®️ Study Plan

The ideal study plan for a foolproof method is to adopt the PDCA Cycle or Plan-Do-Check-Act method in your exam preparation. So, what is the PDCA method for ITIL®️ preparation? These are some key features of the PDCA cycle:

  • Plan – the first and foremost thing is to make a plan. You create a plan along with a comprehensive session of reading the ITIL®️ life cycle, answer some ITIL®️ Foundation practice questions and take full-length ITIL®️ practice tests.
  • Do – The second step is to implement the plan you just created. Put the plan into action.
  • Check – The third step is to review your progress. Check your scores and assess the areas of improvement for better results.
  • Act – After spotting the areas of improvements, you need to act on them. Which means you need to revise, take retests, and review until you get the desired results.

Thus, if you don’t have any practice papers, you can either buy them from a training provider, exam website or for free if you are eager to spend some time online.

Additional ITIL®️ Resources

There are times when you need some buffers or key points at the last moments to avoid risks. You can always buy some mind maps, process diagrams, flashcards, etc.  for revision. You can diminish the costs by finding them online.

If you are opting for a self-study approach or a course from a training provider, then these are the factors you must include in the ITIL®️ 4 certification costs.

  • ITIL®️ exam
  • ITIL®️ Course
  • ITIL®️ Study Guide
  • ITIL®️ Practice Tests
  • Other Resources

 These factors will decide the costs of your certification, and each of them can make a huge difference. So, choose wisely.

So, how much does ITIL®️ Certification Cost?

The motive behind exploring these cost components is to let you know that the ITIL®️ 4 certification costs are not fixed and may vary depending on several factors:

  • The country you reside in
  • The components you include in the certification
  • The mode of examination you take

These factors have a huge impact on the total costs of your ITIL®️ 4 Certification.

Costs Depending on the Mode of Exam

There are two modes of examination:

  • The online mode of examination
  • Paper-based examination

The examination costs vary depending on the mode of examination you choose.

Exam via ATO

Usually, ATO’s conduct after the culmination of the ITIL®️ course. Thus, choosing a good ATO is important as the exam comes as part of the training program.

If you are looking for the best ATO, then KnowledgeHut is a prominent choice. KnowledgeHut is a leading training provider famous for its best-in-class training services and unmatched customer support. Join KnowledgeHut for clearing the ITIL®️ 4 Foundation in your first goes with their carefully designed exam curriculum.

Exam via Prometric Centre

You can schedule your exam through Pearson VUE Prometric Centre. This option was open regardless of your learning choice – either a training program or self-study. The only problem that arises that Pearson has announced that they did not hold further ITIL®️ 4 Foundation Exams from their center. It’s a bummer if you were planning to do so.

Mode of Training

The ITIL®️ certification cost also varies according to the mode of training you choose. The classroom training is always costlier than the online mode of training. But It is highly advised to go for classroom training for the best results.

I hope you might have some ideas concerning the ITIL®️ 4 Certification costs. Good Luck with your ITIL®️ 4 certification journey.

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