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What are the Different Types of Wireless Services?

Wireless services came into the picture in the 19th century and since then there has been no looking back. Wireless services are growing up at a faster pace and have impacted the technology industry tremendously. Today you may find a number of wireless services cropping up that are transforming these industries.  What’s more? It has become one of the most vital medium of information broadcast which doesn’t require any cable or wires. Information is transmitted via electromagnetic waves RF, satellite, IR etc. Today, many wireless services have emerged which are revolutionary.

List of various wireless services:

Satellite- This is one of the oldest wireless technologies that the world has been using since eons. Here, satellites communicate directly through radio signals. Did you know that portable satellite phones and modems are more powerful when it comes to broadcasting than any other cellular devices?

ZigBee- This form of wireless communication has been developed to cater to the unique needs of low-cost wireless sensors, low-power and control networks I can be used anywhere and is easy to implement. When compared with other wireless technologies then it consumes lesser power and is more cost- effective.

Bluetooth Technology- This is also one of the oldest technologies that allow two users to connect without wires. However, Bluetooth technology comes with its own limitations. It allows the user connectivity only in a limited range. Today, we have myriads of devices that could be connected via Bluetooth technology like wireless headphones, wireless keyboards, wireless mouse etc.

Broadcast Radio If we talk about the pioneering wireless technologies then broadcast radio is the popular one that gained widespread application, so much so that it is still a popular mode of communication.

WiMAX This is one of the popular forms of wireless connectivity. It allows faster web surfing. WiMAX has the capability to transfer the data at the speed of more than 30 megabits but currently, we only have them offering the speed of 6 Mbps making it slower than the wired broadband services.

Wi-Fi When we talk about wireless technologies, one of the first words that strike a common man’s min is Wi-Fi. This form of wireless communication is used by electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, systems etc. In the Wi-Fi setup, we need a wireless router which works as a mode of communication hub. It is commonly used in home networking applications. Wi-Fi network needs to be protected with password for security.

Popular Wireless Devices- Well, although wireless connectivity offers services without a wired connection, you do need devices that can work as a communication hub. Here are examples of some of the popular wireless devices:

Wireless Router This device accepts incoming internet connection and sends out the data in the form of RF signals to the wireless devices. It is used to connect wireless-enables computers and other devices. Most wireless devices have inbuilt security like firewalls which protects the router against computer viruses and other malicious data.

Wireless Adapters- These are installed within computers that allow wireless connectivity. Without wireless adaptors, the computer will not be able to connect to the router to access the internet.

Wireless Phones- Cordless phones and cellular phones are examples of wireless devices which makes use of wireless networks. Cordless phones have limited range while cellular phones have wider connectivity as they make use of large telecommunication towers for connectivity.

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