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How to Manage the Seasonal SEO Traffic on Your Website

Whether your business is open round the year or closed for some period in the year, there are times when your website experiences more traffic than usual. For some businesses, some months of the year are more rewarding when there is a large inflow of visitors to the website. Though search engine optimization (SEO) is a year-round activity, you need to have a seasonal SEO strategy to ensure maximum conversions. Here are some tips to manage seasonal SEO traffic on your website.

Plan Ahead

Planning for seasonal SEO traffic does not mean you wait until the traffic shoots up. According to Oklahoma City SEO services, you need to plan in advance and prepare for the opportunity. For example, you need to start the preparation during the slow season and make sure you will have your head above the water when the seasonal traffic increases on your website. Here are some ways to prepare for seasonal SEO traffic.

Choose Right Hosting Partner

Website owners think website hosting as an inevitable expense and look for ways to reduce the costs. Selecting a right hosting partner is important as you don’t change hosting provider frequently. It is a long-term association that requires close scrutiny during selection. For example, the technology stack used by the hosting provider, ability to scale up faster during seasonal SEO traffic, location, security, accessibility, and several other factors are important.

There are several vendors available that fit your particular technology stack needs, traffic, and CMS. You should be certain the platform you have chosen has a good ability to scale. If you are looking for optimum performance and security, you can switch to managed hosting plans that are known for stability, performance, and security.

Pay Attention to Security

Increase in traffic could also lead to security breaches. For example, your website could be the target of mass automated attacks or targeted by miscreants. Automated attacks refer to exploiting a large number of sites having some vulnerability. Targeted attacks are especially focused on your website and the miscreants are more likely to take advantage during peak traffic hours or heavy seasonal SEO traffic.

While working with the right vendor is the first step, using a good web application firewall is also a good strategy. You should not forget most cyber-attacks happen due to wrong credentials or weak passwords. Hence, you need to employ a strong password policy for your website users.

Employ a Data-Driven Strategy

Predictability is an important factor in planning. Knowing how much seasonal SEO traffic your website may get and the implications will help you take the right steps and make things easier. You need to consult with experts and members of your own team. When you are aware of different promotional campaigns organized by your Oklahoma City SEO services agency to promote your business, you will be better prepared for the seasonal traffic peaks. You can use different monitors to estimate the seasonal SEO traffic like Google Analytics, social media reports, revenue breakdowns, and marketing automation platform.

Reserve Enough Time to Deal with Emergencies

Regardless of how much you prepare, you need to reserve enough time to deal with emergencies during seasonal SEO traffic peaks. Your website may face a hardware outage problem, network issue, problem with payment gateway, or you may find new business opportunities. If you have the time, you can easily spot things on time and find a quick resolution. You need to ensure everyone in your organization is on the same page during seasonal traffic peaks. This way you ensure everyone is aware of the situation and ready to deal with emergencies.

The above-given tips will help you make most out of seasonal SEO traffic increase will help increase your customer base and generate more revenue.

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Nancy Ahuja is a Search Engine Optimization executive at an SEO services companyPAGETRAFFIC, one of Asia's most award-winning & recognized SEO AGENCY. She has been the spearhead of many successful SEO Campaigns for PageTraffic global SEO Clients.

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