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What are the Benefits of AMP to Your Website?

AMP which means Accelerated Mobile Pages is a new open-source initiative to improve the mobile experience for the users. Furthermore, with the application of AMP, you can decrease the website load time and access your website instantly. Most people get tired of the pop-ups when they browse on mobile phones. Thus, with the application of the AMP strategy to your website, you can build a better mobile experience that loads the website content very fast.

However, the Best Digital Marketing Companies in Hyderabad use modern techniques and make your website load in a shorter time. In addition to this, as per Google’s latest algorithm update, page load time is also considered as a ranking factor through which you can provide a better user experience to the people. Furthermore, accelerated mobile pages have been developed using three parts which include: AMP HTML, AMP JS, and AMP Cache.

In addition to this, eCommerce Development Services make your website mobile-friendly so that you can offer a great experience to the customers. However, visitors do not wait for more than 3 seconds if your website fails to load on mobile devices. Furthermore, with the accelerated mobile pages, you can drive more traffic to your website as it loads in a short time. It is a great influence on the people and also increases user engagement on your website.

One of the biggest benefits of using AMP for your website is an increase in the conversion rate. However, most of the companies develop a website to improve their business growth by generating leads and thus, increasing the conversion rates. Hence, AMP helps you to achieve this as there is a direct correlation between page load time and conversion rates. Also, when your website loads fast, you can drive more traffic to your website which can reduce the bounce rates.

According to Google’s latest algorithm update, the websites which are mobile-friendly and which loads fast will be ranked high on the search engine results page. However, if you have a quick view of the Google Analytics of your website, then you can see that maximum traffic comes from mobile users. So, with the Best Digital Marketing Companies in Hyderabad, you can make your website mobile-friendly through which you can effectively grow your business.

To grow your business and stand out among the competition, the highest priority should be given to the AMP. Therefore, if you have not made your website mobile-friendly then with the help of eCommerce Development Services, you can make the one. As there is an increase in the number of mobile users according to recent studies, AMP allows you to get more and more traffic from the customers using their mobile devices.

Thus, with the application of the Accelerated Mobile Pages to your website, you can commit yourself to providing the best user experience. Hence, you need to get updated with the latest techniques and strategies and make your website rank in the top listings. Furthermore, making your website AMP can also speed up the page load time and gain better results.


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