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What A Distributed Marketing Management Platform Should Do For Your Business

distributed marketing

Companies with a distributed marketing process face some unique challenges. These businesses must find specific solutions to these unique problems and many turn to distributed marketing management platforms for solutions. If your business operates within a distributed marketing system and you are considering implementing a distributed marketing management platform (DMMP), here are some of the things you should look for and the issues that a DMMP should resolve.

Supports Company Hierarchy

The first thing you should consider when trying to pick the right DMMP is whether or not it can support your company’s hierarchy. This means that the platform you choose should be able to integrate with your business€™ hierarchy and provide access to each user accordingly.

Maintaining brand consistency is often a problem within the distributed marketing model and a DMMP that can integrate seamlessly with your company’€™s hierarchy can help with this problem. By restricting access to certain marketing collateral to only those that are authorized and requiring approval before changes to that collateral are made, it becomes much easier for you to maintain the consistency of your brand.

Asset Management

Another key function that a DMMP should provide is asset management. This typically involves providing a repository for a wide variety of assets which allows for them to be utilized through all types of marketing collateral. This makes it much easier to update marketing collateral as it is possible to implement a single update that will be applied immediately to all relevant materials.

Allow for Real-Time Customization

Along with asset management, a useful DMMP will allow for real-time customization. These platforms should empower you to create programs which give your sales force the ability to customize and adapt marketing collateral in real-time. By allowing for this real-time customization, your sales force can tailor various marketing tools to fit their specific market which increases effectiveness and streamlines marketing processes.

Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Finally, one of the most important things a DMMP should do for your business is to help you measure the efficacy of your marketing efforts. One way the platform you choose should help you measure marketing effectiveness is by making it easy for you to compile reports which can measure the various marketing metrics of each of your marketing campaigns.

Along with enabling you to compile reports, the DMMP you choose should also track return on investment across your whole company. This can make it easier to track the ROI of each individual marketing campaign and determine which campaigns are the most successful.

These are some of the main features a DMMP should bring to your business. However, these are not the only resolutions a quality DMMP will provide. While there are many challenges and hurdles associated with a distributed marketing business model, utilizing a suitable DMMP will help you find viable solutions to these unique challenges.

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Amanda Elam is the Marketing Director at EarthIntegrate. She lives in Houston, where she balances her time between her family (husband, three kids, and several dogs) and the fascinating world of Enterprise Marketing.

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