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Web Design 2021 for the Future

How to create a website in 2021 that won’t need to be redesigned in a couple of years

What do you need to consider in 2021 developing web design concepts? Here are some of the main trends which will assist you with making a site that won’t need essential changes in 3-5 years.

The kingdom of Minimalism

People are tired of the infinite images, colors, icons, and other decors used on websites. This is how the request for a laconic and simple web design came about.

But this simplicity is highly relative. Every element and detail on the website must be verified and matched – this is how a feeling of freedom and air is achieved.

The minimalist trend continues and improves. And seems to be widespread for years to come.

Facebook removed all colors, leaving a white background, all buttons are simplified as much as possible, no unnecessary labels, and everything is clear.

Simplicity is everything. What else does minimalism imply?

  • Laconic interface (invisible but intuitive)
  • Lightness, more air, and free spaces
  • Fonts and icons in the same style
  • Native colors

This concept allows users to focus on the product without being diverted by decorative components. it has been proven to have a very good effect on conversions, helping the user to settle on a buy choice.

Adopt modern techniques used by the front-end development services.

Invasion of icons

Small pictures that replace thousands of words are gaining more and more meaning. Icons have become independent elements that tie the user’s attention to important points.

Now designers use all modern advances in graphics and 3D modeling to create original icons.

3D icons are ideally combined with gradients, attracting with their unusual and fresh approach. It looks like the trend will continue to evolve and one-day 3D icons will take over the webspace.

Attack of shadows and gradients

Modern users have a request for pleasing colors and subdued shapes. They harmonize with well-chosen illustrations and fit perfectly into the concept of minimalism.

Pastel colors and muted shades are organically combined with each other. Blurred transparency in vibrant colors brings the main content to the fore, which helps the user to focus on the main information. It also adds dimension and depth to the webpage.

Original 2D drawings and funny sketches 

Today in the Network there are millions of images of the same type and free for download, which can be used for free. But users do not want to accept non-original visual content. Therefore, in 2021, creative copyright pictures are especially in demand.

An alternative solution is to use online editors and constructors, where you can create and modify design solutions for various tasks of your project.

The trend is now humorous drawings that violate the logic and proportions of objects. Original pictures attract attention, make users stop trying to figure out the meaning.

Since such drawings focus on themselves, you should not use them a lot and often. They will look best on a white background – the focus will be on meanings and the author’s ideas.

Pastel colors

Obviously, acid colors and loud design are a thing of the past. Soft, warm, and pleasant shades came into fashion. They fit well into the new minimalist interfaces, creating lightness, airiness, and simplicity.

However, pastel colors are not that simple. It is necessary to choose the right tones so that the design is combined with the overall visual concept, icons, drawings, etc.

Various fonts

Сhoosing the right fonts is very important. In the process of reading, your eyes can quickly get tired if you alternate fonts from different typefaces in headings, subheadings, and texts. Therefore, it is worth stopping at 1-2 font types and placing accents with the help of sizes, styles, and letter colors.

For the main text choose clean and geometric fonts, for headings – broken and curved.

We took a short excursion into web design trends in 2021 – take them safely into service.

But if you do not want to spend time on independent study and application of all these nuances, you can choose a web design company that will make you a site that meets all modern trends.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jignesh Thanki

    November 11, 2021 at 9:16 am

    The future of websites shall be completely user-oriented.

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