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Want to try Windows 10 on your Mac?

Mac users wanting to try Windows 10 Technical Preview will not have to wait longer. Indeed, they can start testing the new version of the OS with Parallels Desktop 10 . A new update of the popular Parallels visualization application offers a “experimental support” for the preview version of Windows 10, meaning that all latest features deployed by Microsoft for its future operating system can be tested on your Apple computer.

 photo parallels-desktop-10-teste-windows-10-1.jpg

Parallels has long been a fallback for all Mac users looking for a way to use the popular Microsoft Office platform on their Mac. As you understand, the aim is to have a virtual Windows environment that runs within OS X . First published in 2006, the solution quickly took an important place in the market, thanks the new Intel architecture that made ​​Windows emulation even more effective than competing products that were already available.

When the Parallels application was launched, users Mac were happy to have access to Windows applications – but since then, expectations have increased significantly. Today, it has become essential to keep pace with platforms, and that is exactly what we see here. If the full version of Windows 10 does not come into the hands of the general public for a few months, and the Technical Preview is available for those who wish, it is already possible to install it on a Mac from ‘today.

OS X users therefore have a way to test some of the features boasted by Microsoft. These include the return of the Start menu, access to the virtual assistant Cortana and center of notifications, or access to the preview version of the new Office suite, which will be available alongside Windows 10.

However, contrary to users who install the Technical Preview on their PCs, “Mac users” using Parallels do not have to give up their current operating system. Since the software provides a virtual environment, they can simply install the preview version like that sings them test new features as soon as they wish, and may return to OS X as soon as they have finished playing. In short, they can have their cake and eat it too.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Edward Phelan

    March 3, 2015 at 9:42 am

    Whilst I can understand the use in this for testing and development purposes, the idea of choosing to run Windows on a Mac is bonkers!

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