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Virtual Event Tools: What You Must Have

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc, every industry in the world has been affected. Take the event industry; for example, even though it is one of the most affected sectors, the truth is that it has now become even more critical. After all, as companies face this tough economy, virtual events have emerged as a robust means to sustain engagement with existing customers as well as reach out to new customers. Unfortunately, virtual events and webinars are still somewhat new concepts to emerge on the scene, meaning they pose many challenges as more and more companies embrace the idea.

And out of all these challenges, perhaps none is quite as crucial as “What solutions should I use?” There are plenty of aspects where you will need different tools and solutions, but we will start with the one that is on top of everyone’s list: Broadcasting tools, i.e., the ones that will help you take the event online. It comes as no surprise that the list of solutions in the market that offer these abilities, or at least claim to provide, is endless. And this, in turn, can make it incredibly challenging to decide which solution from this abundance is best suited for your requirements.

Honestly, the choice will always be subjective; but to make it more comfortable, we have collated a list of the top options.

  1. On24: An all-inclusive platform for webinars, On24 is meant for those event organizers that are looking to deliver a live and highly customized experience for attendees of their virtual events. The team behind On24 describes it as a tool aimed at transforming how companies engage with folks attending their virtual events. It is enabled utilizing interactive content experiences, webinars, and more. Driven by data, this platform provides a distinctive means to engage with the webinar’s attendees. It also comes with several marketing tools to help drive demand, generate analytics, etc.
  2. GoToWebinar: This one is an excellent solution for recorded webinars or even significant scale events. GoToWebinar is equipped with a plethora of advanced provisions, such as a simple registration page, personalized webinar invitations, automation of email reminders, and more. Additionally, it also offers plenty of tools for the presenter, thus ensuring webinars score high in the context of engagement factor.
  3. Vfairs: A stunning offering for facilitating virtual events, Vfairs comes equipped with a plethora of distinctive features, such as custom landing pages, virtual information desk, reports and analytics, and virtual briefcase, among several other things. This one is well suited for online trade shows virtual job fairs and more that is further fortified by features like chat tools, 24×7 customer support, etc.

Virtual events are no more an option — they are, in fact, a necessity for a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on the digital realm. So, when you set out to develop an online event application for your business, be sure to focus on features and functionalities that will ensure the delivery of a top-notch attendee experience at all times.

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