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How TrueDialog Integrates with Salesforce to Improve Communication

Reasons to integrate native text messaging software with your Salesforce account.

Out of the many CRM systems on the market, over 150,000 marketing, sales, customer service, and finance professionals use Salesforce to manage customers effectively. With frictionless communication at the core of its ethos, Salesforce enables businesses to store data and communicate with prospects and customers to close important deals and maintain a high level of customer service. But are there communication platforms that businesses can integrate with Salesforce to enhance efficiency even more?

Text messaging is typically the most convenient method of communication between business professionals and consumers, which is why TrueDialog’s SMS solution integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and other CRM systems. When a company integrates a native text messaging system like TrueDialog with Salesforce, it can kick-start a strategic SMS strategy to personalize communication and improve operational efficiency.

Most text messaging providers integrate with Salesforce at a basic level, but the performance that you can expect from these integrations varies. Before you select your text messaging integration, make sure that you’re familiar with the differences between third-party software and native software.

Third-Party SMS Software Integrations

Some SMS integrations rely on third-party software like Zapier to connect with Salesforce. As a result, third-party integrations often cause delays when sending messages. Some messages can take over 15 minutes to send– which is a long enough time to lose a sale or potential customer. Third-party integrations also usually have high vendor costs, which increase in line with the volume of inbound and outbound text messages. These variable costs can lead to unexpected and potentially unaffordable business costs. On top of this, most third-party integrations won’t allow you to send messages directly from Salesforce. Instead, business teams have to come to grips with separate systems to send mass text messages. The messages are then saved as records in Salesforce.

Overall, many third-party integrations are time-consuming and inefficient when it comes to text marketing.

Native SMS Software Integrations

Meanwhile, native text messaging software integrates with Salesforce CRM systems directly, saving time and hassle. No third-party vendors are involved in the process, meaning that native software avoids third-party costs and delays when sending and receiving texts. Native software providers like TrueDialog enable businesses to send and receive text messages securely inside Salesforce using the native user interface. Native software integrations are usually more difficult to develop than third-party software integrations, but they offer worthwhile benefits when it comes to efficiency, simplicity, and saving time.

Here are three top reasons to integrate native text messaging software with Salesforce:

  • Personalized Communication

Personalization is key to attracting customers and consumers in the modern world, and making a personal connection is vital for companies looking to flourish in competitive markets. Personalization is easy with native software like TrueDialog, which collects customer information while complying with legal requirements so that businesses can customize all communications without breaching personal data regulations.

When a business integrates a quality text messaging solution with Salesforce, they can use segmented lists to personalize all texts. TrueDialog allows you to create lists based on customer/prospect attributes and preferences so that each contact only receives content that they will find valuable. Sending the right text at the right time can skyrocket your response rates, enabling you to close important deals.

  • Multichannel Communication

Text messaging is the easiest way to communicate in the modern world, but that’s not to say that phone calls and emails aren’t important modes of communication as well. Most businesses use all three communication channels so that customers can contact them using whichever channel they prefer.

Zendesk reports that 64 percent of customers expect to receive real-time support regardless of the customer service channel they use to contact a business. Integrating native communications software with Salesforce allows your teams to communicate with customers in real-time on the channel of their choice, keeping your customers happy without your communications team having to manage countless platforms.

  • Operational Efficiency

Research shows those customer service agents that use Salesforce improve productivity by 34 percent. Integrating a native text messaging solution can improve this productivity even more by automating communication systems to minimize errors and maximize time efficiency.

A native text messaging integration is especially useful when using Salesforce’s custom workflows feature, the Process Builder. After setting up a custom process or workflow based on specific criteria, a salesperson can automate text messages aimed at a specific group and track which emails or texts have been read. TrueDialog enables teams to send automated messages based on any criteria, allowing businesses to form strong customer relationships.

Integrating TrueDialog With Salesforce

Though Salesforce is a useful standalone CRM system, integrating a native text messaging solution enables businesses to benefit from invaluable time savings and efficiency. TrueDialog’s plug-and-play business solution offers a wealth of benefits to streamline your business efforts and maximize productivity.

Learn more about TrueDialog’s text messaging integration by scheduling a demo.

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