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Vancouver Tech Firm Changes The Marketing Industry

Rival service providers are turning their heads to the commotion a small tech company from Vancouver recently stirred. Pushing boundaries on what marketers thought was achievable (or even legal); they’re undoubtedly generating eyeballs in captivating ways.

My Viral Web is an online marketing platform that offers clients SEO, social media, email marketing, monitoring and analytics all in a single platform. After being live for only a few weeks they have already created a roster of over 20 clients including Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Paypal, and MTV. The sporting apparel giant Nike is also allegedly in negotiations with the little tech Spartan.

The company was established in late 2012 by Michael Graziano, Vancouver serial entrepreneur best known for his LED t-shirt company that produces for Live Nation’s roster of artists (Coldplay, Deadmau5, etc.) and MGM resorts on the Las Vegas strip.

A team of six developers and Michael set out to revolutionize the way people do business online. They’ve achieved this by offering a platform where companies can find, connect and engage with their audience, and not just quick…. but, as fast as possible. The firm is proud to mention that all growth initiatives abide by ALL rules and regulations of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

“This is the next big thing and it’s going to change the way people think about online marketing,” said a director of My Viral Web’s new client. “They noticed an opening in the market with incumbents offering limited services at higher prices; they’ve exposed the winning solution to the public.”

“We’re trying to switch up the way businesses approach their online audience, for the better.” said Graziano.

“Pretty soon consumers will be back in the driver seat, and by simply telling the web what they want. Businesses from around the globe will be competing for every penny. It’s healthy and forces efficiency.
Our platform gives businesses a clear path to do this, and they are the ones who win by grabbing all the low hanging fruit; while most other businesses starve trying to understand what a Retweet is.”

My Viral Web plans to provide the best consolidated marketing platform on the web. They are striving to work with the world’s top businesses and start-ups to show every entrepreneur out there that this is what they’ve been waiting for. They’re currently in negotiations with the best local tech companies and influencers to ensure their success.

“If you’re in the tech industry, keep your eye on Vancouver.”

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