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Useful Portable Projectors For iPhone

Portable iPhone Projector

There is probably nothing slicker than speaking at a conference with your iPhone hooked up to a portable handheld projector. There are very few projectors that are fully compatible with mobile software, however with the era of globalization tons of companies are now producing the latest range iPhone/iPad projectors and to say the truth, that’s all changing the situation.

What Is An iPhone Projector?

An iPhone projector is a device that uses the image projector technology in an handheld device. With the advent of modern mobile phones, e-gadgets, cameras, and other digital devices, the use of such handheld projectors is also increasing. A typical iPhone projector has enough memory to handle all types of presentation materials. It basically includes a miniaturized hardware as well as software that are able to project a digital image onto any nearby viewing surface.

Why iPhone Projector?

Presently, not so many available projectors are compatible with the iPhone and iPad. At the same time we must admit the fact that with the emergence of electronic gadgets, keynote applications, and mobile videos, it is becoming quite important to project a video from your small 9.7” iPad screen on almost all surfaces. Thus, the iPhone projector can be ideal for you if you are using an iPhone and are willing to present a video or image to a sizable number of audience. Known as the pocket projector, mobile projector, pico projector or mini beamer etc. these devices are also compatible with iPads, iPhones, laptops, desktops, and other gadgets enabled for TV/Video output capability.

Who Are The Users?

iPhone projectors are the best option for those people who need a mobile display solution. If you are a corporate person who needs to attend conferences or seminars where you need to show videos/images on the screen, an iPhone projector is a godsend for you. Typical iPhone projectors are around the size of a mobile phone and although not quite as bright as the conventional data projector they provide high quality images from various range of data sources. That is why they should be used by corporate, sales people, and general home users.

iPhone Projector As A Perfect Display Solution

Pico projectors are becoming quite popular in comparison to standard data projectors. As they include a wide range of input ports, users are allowed to connect to varied data sources. Most of the products come with USB input as well as SD memory card readers. While using these devices, you will be able to store your PowerPoint slides and other images on the SD card. It’s also really easy to display your slides directly from the projector on a display board or electronic display gadget.

Comparison To The Traditional Data Projector

The user must admit that these projectors are not able to provide full functionality like the traditional data projectors. Literally, with a device of this size one is unlikely to achieve the exact same performance as the conventional data projectors. However, if you consider the purpose for which these Pico projectors are made, you must admit that they produce a pretty decent result.

In order to get the best results with the iPhone projectors you need to set up the device at the maximum throw distance of about 2.5 meters. You should also keep the lowest possible ambient lighting levels in order to get the best exposure. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that these products are best for a limited numbers of audiences (e.g. a maximum of around 10 people).


To sum up, we may conclude that Pico projectors are ideal for iPhone, iPad, Laptops, and other e-gadgets as a display solution for small scale meetings. Their small size ensures that you can easily slip them inside the laptop case or even in your pocket. As they are enabled with numerous input ports they are compatible with the majority of data sources.

Alice Aires is an AV and Technology enthusiast who mainly writes article for, that designs Pico projectors for handheld devices such as smart phones, notebooks, iPhone, iPad etc.

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  1. FrankCern

    August 13, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    I’ve never heard of these projectors before…it performs quite a useful function though.

  2. Alice Aires

    August 13, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    Yes dear, you are right It is really helpful. It can be ideal for you if you are using an iPhone/ipad and are willing to present a video or image to a sizable number of audience.

  3. Emily

    June 2, 2016 at 7:09 pm

    Hey Alice,

    This portable projector is something new for me. Never saw it before.

    Nice blog post and keep up the good work!

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