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UltraBoard940 Keyboard Review

Working in one place with just one (desktop) computer is gradually becoming outdated. The rise of mobile devices along with the availability of Wi-Fi suggests that we increasingly operate or work in diverse locations: office, home or perhaps while taking a trip. A tablet, laptop or smartphone offers you the liberty and flexibility to work anywhere you want to. The laptop works perfectly for work that you do at home or flex places. Little wonder, portability is now the epitome of the modern society.

Introducing BakkerElkhuizen UltraBoard 940 Keyboard, a small ergonomic keyboard that fits perfectly in the modern world. This compact keyboard can be used wirelessly or with a simple USB cable. It also allows users to switch between devices at the touch of a button with little or no difficulty and ergonomically just about anywhere and anytime.

With a USB cable which also plays the role of a charging cable, its compact, retro-like design and scissor type keys make it the perfect addition to any workplace. Indeed, exchanging the author’s Mac keyboard with the Ultraboard was seamless attracting several positive comments from work colleagues with many finding it hard to ignore the beautiful contrast between the keyboard’s dark letters and white keys.

Some of the main features of the compact keyboard are summarised below.

Key Features


Multi-pairing simply implies that the UltraBoard 940 can be connected to as many as 5 wireless Bluetooth devices at the touch of a button. This lets you conveniently and effortlessly switch (by means of a keyboard shortcut) between your PC, tablet, smartphone or other devices.

Typing sensation

It features a lightweight laptop keystroke on account of the use of a scissors mechanism as an alternative to the traditional membrane. This provides outstanding tactile feedback.

Multi-device compatibility

The device works perfectly and is compatible with both Mac and Windows OS. It is possible to switch between Windows and Mac layouts with the aid of just a simple keyboard shortcut.


The device is extremely comfortable and handy, not just on account of its portable shape but also its thickness. Its compact form creates a neutral posture for the user.



Defined as an applied science concerned with designing and arranging products so that users can interact most efficiently and safely, ergonomics is an unmissable feature of the UltraBoard 940. First, its compact form, thanks to the absence of numeric keypads, makes it very practical for daily use as it fits quite easily in most bags and suitcases.

In addition, to prevent users from straining their wrists, the UltraBoard makes it easy to type without having to continuously lift ones arm measuring no more than 35mm, and less than 30mm at its centre. This reduces the reach and distance to the mouse further reducing reducing strain on the forearms.

Furthermore, its ultra-thin design comes with soft touch keys to reduce the pressure associated with typing. By ensuring the user adopts a neutral ergonomic posture when typing, there is no doubt to the potential health benefits of this keyboard, minimising the risk of injury and increasing productivity whilst doing so.

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