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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Killer Explainer Videos

Those days are gone when marketers advertise their products or services through texts. Nowadays, businesses make use of explainer videos to convert more visitors into customers. Even you can judge yourself – do you end up reading the entire text on a page when you open a website? The answer is, you don’t. But you will definitely go through the entire page if it is created with an attractive explainer video.

Putting an explainer video along with the famous logo on a website is an easy way to convey your message to your target customers in the most effective way.

Do you know what an explainer video is? Well, it is a type of short video which says a story about a certain business or organization. And today, it has been used by almost all companies because it can efficiently convey its value proposition.

Over the past few years, many businesses have been using videos to grab the attention of their target customers online and also to
promote their brand name in globally. According to the survey of, an article reveals that video consumption has risen by roughly 800% in the previous five years. For example, Dropbox is a leading company that conducted a case study regarding explainer video. By using explainer videos for their web pages, they received about 750,000 views in a month and their conversion rates also increased by over 10%.

So, you’re thinking how do you create an explainer video for your website page that will increase your conversion rate? Here is a list of
steps that explains the process of creation of an amazing explainer video.

1. Focus On Writing A Script

If you need to create an awesome Explainer Video for your business, write a script as it’s the heart of any video. Remember, without a
script, you would not make a great video. As much as the designs (graphics, animation) will help to create the video, the script will also help you in explaining more about your business to target customers. The script always persuades customers to use your product or service. So you need to hire professional scriptwriter to write the script which should include some elements such as an introduction to your company, how it works, a specific example of the problem, the solution, a call-to-action and use client proof to seal the deal.

2. Keep It Short And Simple

Keeping your video short and simple is important because it will not only create a killer video but also save you money. A simple Explainer Video is integral because it will only focus on the benefits that your clients will derive from transacting with you, through buying or selling goods or services to you. The ideal explainer video should be created around 1 minute long. According to, 93% marketers use video for online marketing.

And good explainer video focuses on certain things, which are as follows:

Firstly, the problem – Address the pain your customers are facing (0:00-0:20)

Secondly, the solution – Introduce your product or service as the answer (0:20-0:25)

Thirdly how it works – Brief description of how it works or how to get started (0:25-0:50)

Fourthly, a-call-to-action – Tell visitors what to do next (0:50-0:60)

3. Professional Voice

Nothing can defeat a video if it is incorporated with superior audio. A poor voice over can destroy the impression of your video. So you must to invest in professional talent who can record the audio with the perfect tone and timing to express your brand’s personality. Hiring professional is advisable because their voice over quality is pretty polished and they are able to convey the desired message within stipulated time.

If you are looking for a way to improve your visitor retention rate on your site (explainer video page), you need to create a community like online surveys for money. This will help you to influence the consumers towards your products or services. Members of this community will be able to share their opinions and they will also be rewarded with money.

4. Animation Effects

According to, the most popular type of explainer video, animation is often the preferred format for explaining services or intangible tech products like software. The animation is the most time-consuming step of all and this is what makes the video come to life.

The animation is great for videos and for this reason we always stand for animated marketing videos instead of generic videos. Using animated characters in your video show that you really understand them (target audience) and that your brand is here to help. This again grows trust towards your brand. The most important thing is that audience identification through the use of animation explainer video helps you to generate greater conversion rates.

In this context, you need to animate the graphics to come to life and moves each piece into place. And this should be done once after you place all the illustrated designs in a timeline, with the voice over as a time guide. Further, you need to animate the illustrations by using software such as Photoshop, Flash, Autodesk 3DS Max (StudioMax) and Adobe After Effects.

5. Style Frames

Next step is style. It comprises custom made, full-color and high-resolution images of the video in order to see how it (video) is really
going to look like. And depending on your video, it’s important for you to add some eye-catching characters, stunning backgrounds, and icons.

Before you jump into how to create a killer explainer video, you, first of all, need to appreciate the reasons why explainer videos work so well and why they are good for any web page. To do so, you can go through some sites where videos are used to grab visitors’ attention.

 6. Focus On Benefits Rather Than Features

It’s actually divine to explain why your product is amazing or what your services are all about. When we talk about any product or service, our first instinct will be to talk about all its features. But as compared to product features, it is more effective to talk about the benefits which your product or service provides to your customers. Therefore it’s important for you to explain the advantages of your products or services, while you’re creating an explainer video. In order to implement the benefit factor in your video, you first of all need to think about how your products or services will make your customers’ lives better.

7. Speak To Your Audience Directly

Always speak to a visitor by using personal pronouns (you, you’re) when you make an explainer video.

According to, an article reveals that talk to your customers in a tone that they understand and feel comfortable with, and compliment this by referring to situations that they will relate to.

You need to show your audience only those things they care about rather than telling them what they already know. Try to make friendship with them so that you will be getting chances to sell them something.

8. Use Some Humour

It’s important to create a video that attracts your target audience towards your brand. It’s a fact that people always love to be entertained. So adding some humorous things or something funniest surprises to your video can go a long way. It gets visitors enjoying and helps them connect with your business in a way that a website can’t.

And you make sure that your attempts at humour fit accurately within the video you’re trying to showcase as poor humour may
actually put off potential customers. Remember poor humour can create a cost of bad customer service. This means your businesses may lose a huge amount per year through poor customer service if you use any low-grade humour in your explainer video.

9. Colors Of Your Brand Stand You Ahead From Others

An article published in says that picking color combinations that work well together is a great start to creating beautiful
video designs
and achieving visual harmony. An opportunity to select the right color combinations in your video is a great step why explainer videos are always better to earn the large audience for your brand. So you need to use the best colors of your brand on backgrounds so that you’ll able to grow your brand presence throughout the entire video. This makes visitors easily recall your brand after watching the video.

When you think of Santa Claus, you’ll immediately start thinking of Coca-Cola brand because this particular brand was painted Santa in red and white color for their1940’s advertisements. Since then, the brand colors of Coca-Cola started to be used in everything related to Christmas (before that, Santa’s clothes were green). If you think this is a great idea then take this great idea of adding the colors of your brand to your video.

10. Plan For The Launch

Many business owners forget to plan for the launch, while they’re creating a video for their brand. But the plan for the Launch is a
crucial step, where all your efforts generate results for your business.

Therefore it’s essential to plan for the video launch that comprises:-

Select a video host – Recommended video hosts such as Wistia, Brightcove, Vimeo PRO, etc.

Have a marketing plan – Keep some extra eyes on your blog, e-mail signatures, newsletter, and social media channels to share your video

Integrate the video on your website – Wherever (front and center on their homepage) you place the video, it should integrate seamlessly with your brand and content as well.

Final Say

If you’re considering jumping on the explainer video bandwagon this year, we hope these above-mentioned tips will help you in creating the killer explainer video for your business. The entire guide not only helps you to save your time and money but also it helps you make a video that delivers real results. Why are you waiting? Get started on your great explainer video right away!

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I’m a blogger and designer and I work as a creative head forDesignhill. I write on topics concerning design, ecommerce, startups, digital marketing, interactive content. My creative work has earned me several laurels over the can follow me @Campbelljof

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