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Trendy Travel Backpacks For Men & Women For Daily Commuting

Remote working was no less of a dream for all of us. But now, work from home may become a thing of the past. If you have been asked to come to office premises once again, it means you are supposedly going to spend a lot of time and effort commuting. The word “commuting” revives dreadful memories of having to carry a backpack where all your essential items are stashed together. How can we all forget that stressful moment when we used to frantically search for our beloved headphones and retrieve them from the deepest end of our bag while doing all this on a crowded bus or a metro!

It just takes that one instance when you say enough is enough! You get to understand the value of a backpack that stays with you through thick and thin. No more being caught up in rain and noticing water dripping inside the creases of your backpack. You need a reliable backpack, not a back pain!

Stylish Office Bags That Will Make You Love Commuting

Whether you are an on-the-go gen-x guy, or a hyper-busy working professional; Urban Tribe has got you covered with its wide range of travel bags for men and women. Since a backpack is the easiest way of carrying items while traveling, it should also be practical and functional. Office bags should be designed keeping in mind the style and trend so that it complements the user’s attire from morning to night.  Urban Tribe offers unisex backpacks in a variety of colors. They are crafted keeping in mind the hustle-bustle that an everyday commuter experiences.

ATLAS – Smart Laptop Office Bag

ATLAS is a classic office bag that offers a unique side opening for the laptop partition. The usual top opening style is a thing of the past that used to be a risky attraction to thieves. Its “ANTI-TANGLE” height adjustment straps ensure that you comfortably hang the bag on your shoulders. No one likes to carry a shabby-looking backpack with straps dropping from the shoulders as soon as you enter the office premises. This makes it a very unique, first-of-its-kind backpack that is built extremely light to withstand the ups and downs of daily commuting.

AMIGO – Reliable Travel Backpack For All Adventures

AMIGO is another all-rounder backpack that is winning hearts due to the ease of carrying it in multiple ways.  AMIGO is here for your work and weekend adventure. Its padded air mesh back system allows sweat-free travel. With a trolley handle that gives you easy access and super spacious compartments to keep everything organized, Amigo is the most popular travel backpack bag. A chest lock for the shoulder straps and the anti-theft zippers makes it an ultra-safe and secure backpack. Nobody wants their ironed and neatly folded clothes to mingle with their shoes. A well-organized separator on the inside helps to avoid this disaster. For the ladies who are always carrying something in their hands, it’s time to keep your hands free! A small compartment at the front and another small zipper pocket on the side are available to keep your small items like charger, keys, diary, mirror, sanitizer, etc. It has proved to be one of the most likable travel bags for women due to its super lightweight construction which is ideal to take on any adventure. Its reflective branding at the front and straps for better visibility at night, truly make it a bagful of features!

FITPACK NEO – To Manage Laptop Cum Gym Essentials

The exclusive range of FITPACK NEO bags has become a friend for gym and health freaks. It is a laptop cum gym backpack that offers one main padded compartment to keep your laptop safe and an internal mesh pocket to keep your gym essentials like protein shakes and bars. You need not worry about the smell or dirt of your gym shoes going into the inside of other compartments. An isolated shoe compartment will keep the rest of the belongings odor-free. An internal USB port available on the shoulder strap will ensure that your mobile is always charged when you are rushing from the office to your gym. Gym bags have got a whole new definition of style, comfort, and safety.

RUMBLE – Smart Multi-Functional Office Bag

There are a lot of hyper-tasking office goers who are running from one meeting to another. Now you can swiftly maneuver through your hectic schedule with a RUMBLE backpack. Just like you, RUMBLE professional office backpack is a multi-tasker. The provision of a front pocket compartment for documents and a “Cocoon” tiffin section, separates your work from personal space. This Bag-in-Bag” concept ensures that your lunch box is accessible without opening the whole bag. A “Side-Slide” Laptop compartment, smart anti-theft pocket, rain cover to make the backpack weather-proof, and an ANTI-TANGLE height adjustment strap; makes Rumble equipped with a host of amazing features. Office bags surely do not have to be boring.

TRANS4MER – Premium Quality Executive Office Bag

Sticking to the belief of transforming the lives of consumers, the TRANS4MER backpack is one crowd puller. It has been beautifully crafted using premium imported fabric. From clothes, laptops, and A4 files to toiletries, this multi-functional bag can hold everything. It offers smart slots, easy-access pockets, and compartments that you would have never seen before! Heading to a business meeting or taking a flight to attend a conference, this backpack will convert into overnighter luggage for you. You can even comfortably carry 2 -3 pairs of formal clothes in your main compartment which opens up to 90 degrees. An additional elastic luggage strap is available to keep your clothes compact and crisp. An elaborate organizer with various sized slots will eliminate your worries of a cluttered bag. So, what are you waiting for? Elevate your business look with a super active Trans4mer bag. You can use it like a normal backpack, a trendy professional briefcase, or a cross-body bag. Urban Tribe has been known for offering the best travel backpacks for men.

Live Your Bag Obsession with Urban Tribe

Urban Tribe has been constantly working towards designing functional and fashion-forward bags that reflect the latest trends and needs of the tribes. Every bag is carefully crafted to work as an extension of the user’s personality. Urban Tribe bags are worth the investment to keep all the essential items you need to stay on the move. Now you have no reason to hate commuting or shy away from traveling. Shop for your travel buddy today!

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