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Laptops – Fun Trivia and Useful Tips

The laptop computer is one of those modern inventions that make our lives easier in so many ways. This device comes in many sizes and colors and a wide range of choice means almost anyone can find their perfect laptop. As an ordinary user, how much do you know about this great tool?

The Name

First of all, the name is not totally accurate. Sure, the machine is small and light enough to keep it on your lap, but it‘s not a very good idea to do that. The device(s) fan needs space to perform its cooling function, if you block the fan, the laptop may overheat and be seriously damaged. You‘ve noticed how your laptop gets hot when used for a long period of time, right? Placed directly on your skin it may even cause superficial burns! This is why a laptop should sit on a smooth flat surface, like a desk or a special mat.


Traditionally, laptops used to come in three major categories: ultraportable, mid-weight and desktop replacement laptops. As you can probably guess from the name ultraportables were very light, yet full-featured, hence very expensive. However, nowadays there quite a few affordable options in the market, they are generally not high performance and may not be the best choice for gaming, but are good for most daily tasks and have good battery life.

Mid-weight laptops are probably the most common and the variety is huge – you can find everything from a simple budget laptop up to a powerful device for gaming. They usually have plenty of ports too.

Desktop replacement laptops may seem like dinosaurs now – they are bulky, heavy (may be as heavy as 6 kg!) and their battery life is typically short, however, they usually come with a wide range of performance parts and are a popular choice among gamers. Of course, these three major categories do not describe all the laptops that there are in the market – it’s enough to look at any store, say,, and you will be overwhelmed with choice. Have we mentioned hybrids – laptops that can be transformed into touchscreen tablets?

Laptop Batteries

Majority of today’s laptops run on lithium-based batteries. The average lifespan of these batteries is 2 to 3 years if used regularly. They gradually lose their charge capacity, and several factors, such as storage temperature and average charge have an impact on a laptop battery’s life. It is advisable to keep lithium-ion batteries in cool temperatures when possible.

Reuse and Recycle

Once a laptop is broken, it’s the end of it, right? Not quite. A lot of laptops components may be saved, and it’s possible to transform an older model into something that can be used at home, or remove the hard drive and change it so that it becomes an external drive and can be used with another computer. Of course, you need to be technology savvy to do this kind of things, but then, you can always seek professional assistance.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Stephen Alex

    January 23, 2020 at 5:05 am

    Thanks for the informative post. This post helped me to learn some new things. Keep posting. Please let me know for the upcoming posts.

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