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Before You Travel, Speed Up Your Language Learning

How can you quickly learn a language before you go on a trip?

Traveling is one of the greatest experiences we have on this planet. When you have the chance, it’s always worth it to take a trip.

However, one hard part of traveling is trying to overcome the language barrier when you want to communicate.

Technology has made this experience much easier, especially with apps like Google Translate, but if you drop your phone or your battery dies, you’re stuck without any way to communicate.

That’s why your best option is to learn the language as fast as you can, at least basic phrases that can get you around the country you’re traveling to.

The question is, how do you learn a language at an accelerated rate so you can travel and communicate? There are a few ways you can speed up your learning so you can travel with ease.

Buy a teaching program that helps

Some languages are easier to learn than others, and some programs can help speed up the process no matter what language you want to learn.

In the old days, before the internet, you had to buy books and audio tapes or sign up for a class in order to learn a language. Now, there are plenty of programs and websites, such as Baselang, that can speed up your learning curve. Of course, the traditional methods still work, but if you want fast progress you can use technology to your advantage.

You could also put an app on your phone, such as Duolingo, and practice in the down moments in your day.

Consume media only in your new language

If you want to learn a new language fast, start to consume media in the new language you’re trying to learn. Start to listen to music, watching movies, and reading books in the new language.

This immersion can help you transition to your new language. If you’re lucky to live near an area or know people that speak your new language, that’s another idea that can help, but if not, changing the media you consume can help. Just be sure to find media that isn’t too complicated so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

The last thing you want to worry about is having a language barrier and not being understood when you’re in a foreign country. By being prepared early, you will be able to travel and communicate with ease.

Written By

Jackie Pearce is a graduate from the University of Colorado and has been writing online for over a decade.

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